areopagitica (milton’s nose)



Areopagitica (Milton’s Nose). Published on the occasion of Art in a bookshell:  a survey of artists working with and inspired by books. Newspaper for the Milton gallery , 40 pages, colour, digital print, 29 × 38 cm. Edition of 1000, numbered and signed. paula roush msdm publications. £12 (+free shipping)  orders:


paula-roush-aeropagirica-g paula-roush-aeropagirica-f paula-roush-aeropagirica-e paula-roush-aeropagirica-d

Areopagitica (Milton’s Nose): table assemblage with self-published newspaper and clay noses created by students at St. Paul’s School ceramic studios, 150 x 80 x 72 cm overall installation.