Bayroumi (46,000 questions)

Bayroumi (46,000 questions)
Photography and design: paula roush
Photographic source: Bayroumi Collection/ Arab Image Foundation
Scroll format in acrylic tube,  inkjet printing on Epson Matt Enhanced paper, japanese stitch binding
Limited edition of 99 copies
Published by Plan BEY

Part of the Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar  artists’ books collection  that represent MENA artists and the MENA region

The Bayroumi Collection has been temporarily held in storage boxes at the Arab Image Foundation waiting to be catalogued and re-housed in safe archiving material, until it is ultimately digitised and made available online for access. It was brought in by AIF member Akram Zaatari, from the studio of Mohamad Bayroumi in Saida, Lebanon and it is still being researched. It is a collection of approximately 4600 negatives of the 35mm format, packed in cardboard boxes and plastic bags.