paula roush: super-private.


In 2005, two dozen rolls of undeveloped 35mm film were deposited at the Arab Image Foundation. Stored in a bespoke wooden box each film roll was carefully wrapped in protective foil and enclosed in individually fitted drawers. The donor had found them in the family house – carefully protected against Beirut’s dampness and brought them in for conservation and preservation. They were the work of a Lebanese banker born in 1904, know as RS, who died of a heart attack when he was 54.

The people in his photographs were friends and lovers, hinting at a narrative that remained dormant until paula roush arrived in Beirut, 10 years later in the summer of 2015. The mysterious atmosphere in the photographs is beyond strict family conventions – it is of a photo-roman noir including road trips, jet flights and secretive hotel room encounters. Was he following a script? Or did things just happen as life unraveled itself in a glamorous pre-war Beirut and Lebanon? What looked like a family album was nothing of that kind.

This limited edition book is printed tritone on HP Enhanced inkjet paper and has been bound by hand, with black linen cover metal bolds.   64 pages , 21 x 29.7 cm,  7 gatefolds expand the book into a 21x 84 concertina-type work. Published October 2015 by Plan BEY in a limited edition of 15.