Today (torn folded curled)

Photographs of the Al Yom (Today) collection at the Arab Image Foundation by paula roush
Original text by Elie-Pierre Sabbag from the novel L’Ombre d’Une Ville; Beyrouth keyword sampling (L’ombre d’un livre d’une ville) by paula roush; Additional text editing by Antoine Sfeir
Based on research at the Arab Image Foundation and developed with Plan BEY in September 2015 during artist residency at Makan
Limited edition of 300 copies; Digital Printing on Favin Le Cirque 80g paper; Hand-bound & maufactured; Published in Beirut in October 2015 by Plan BEY

The Al-Yom collection has been temporarily held in storage boxes at the Arab Image Foundation waiting to be catalogued and re-housed in safe archiving material, until it is ultimately digitised and made available online for access. Al-Yom was founded by Afif El Tibi, the father of Lebanese journalism in 1937 and closed in 1975 when armed militia stormed the building giving the staff half-hour to leave the building. The collection was brought in by AIF former director Zeina Arida who found it amongst Walid El Tibi’s remains after the newspaper’s editor passed away and the apartment where he lived was cleared out.

Al-Yom / Today (torn folded curled) is another one of my experiments with the genre of the photo-essay where I attempt to work side by side with a collection of photographs from the Al-Yom newspaper photo archives found at the Arab Image Foundation and text sampled from a book by the Beirut-based writer and architect Elie-Pierre Sabbagh. The edition for Plan BEY consists of 47 loose laser prints at approximate A4 size in an archival folder with stickers. Each page is printed both sides; each of the 47 photographs, relating to Beirut in 1975, the first year of the civil war, is associated with a sentence about Beirut sampled from the book L’Ombre d’Une Ville, an auto-fictional reflection on the city of the post-war.

The project was exhibited in the exhibition torn curled folded at the Makan Project Space Sept- Oct 2015; more images of the installation and information can be found here