flora mccalica

28th February 2017

paula roush | tuesday (flora mccallica) | 2012 | collage  | edition of: 1
40 x 29 cm

Collage of orphan photos from a set dated 1958 found in the Lisbon flea market and a 1920s herbarium (Herbarium Britannicum) discarded by the London Kew Gardens. Album titled after Annie McCall founder of the Maternity Hospital (1889-1970) where Stockwell Studios (where the work was developed) were based until 2013, Mary Delany inventor of botanical collage (Flora Delanica 1772-1782), Max Ernst’s collage novel Une Semaine de Bonté (A Week of Goodness, 1934) and Valentine Penrose’s poem-collage Dons des Féminines (Gifts of the Feminine, 1951).

Installation view of 28 framed collages. Exhibition Queer Paper Gardens, Museu da Eletricidade, Lisbon 2013.

Exhibition reviews:

Celso Martins,  Collage and collision An artistic collaboration around the dances and counterdances of gender, retrieves collage as a mode of associating images. Publication: Expresso Atual. Date: 22 June 2013

Luisa Soares Oliveira, Fatal women and others as such. A visit to the surrealist museum through collage. Lisbon Electricity Museum Installation. Publication: Ipsilon Publico. Date: 23 August 2013

 Curator’s text:

Joao Pinharanda, Undermining the surrounding world, exhibition publication.