Louise Wolthers
Watching Europe and Beyond:
Survellance, Art and Photography in the New Millenium

Watched! Surveillance, Art and Photography
Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther Konig 2017


Rob Mcdonald
All Inked up

Kentʼs International Artist Book & Print Event, UCA Canterbury & The Brewery Tap Folkestone
Programe newspaper
13 October – 9 November 2017


Unstable Media
Unstable Media, constructions and disruptions
Portuguese Small Press Yearbook 2017


Launch of infinite multiple, an online platform selling unlimited  editions by established and emerging artists
Aug 11 2017


Jan Baetens
A Book, An Endless Love Affair
Cultural Studies Leuven, 10 August 2016


Erica Carter
Comments on BUS-SPOTTING + A STORY  presentation
at the launch of Order and Collapse: The lives of Archives
Personal email,  April 2016


Meg Beaumont
nothing to undo
Kaleid Editions, Sunday Reading #004

paula roush
Chaos of memories- Surviving archives and the ruins of history according to the found photo foundation.
Order and Collapse: The Lives of Archives. 2016


Marwan El Tibi
paula roush fait revivre les archives du journal Al-Yom
Al Ayam Magazine, October 2015

Hala Tawil
paula roush residency with the Arab Image Foundation
Report to the Arab mage Foundation, Beirut 2015

Margarida de Carvalho
A Obra “Faça-você-mesmo”: Estética da Participação nas Artes Digitais
Faculdade das Ciencias Sociais e Humanas (Tese de Doutoramento), Lisboa 2015


3rd Dimension
Paradigm Store at Howick Place
3rd Dimension MAgazine, 23 October 2014

Pedro Gadanho
Operacoes SAAL,  Alvaro Siza e a Persistencia de São Victor: Falhar, Falhar Novamente, Falhar Melhor
O Processo SAAL: Arquitectura e Participação 1974—1976
Fundação de Serralves, Porto 2014


Luisa Soares de Oliveira
Mulheres fatais e outras que tais/ Fatal women and others as such: A visit to the surrealist museum through collage
Ipsilon Publico Magazine 23 August 2013 [portuguese] [english]


Celso Martins
Colagem e Colisao / Collage and collision An artistic collaboration around the dances and counterdances of gender, retrieves collage as a mode of associating images
Expresso Atual Magazine,  22 June 2013 [portuguese]   [english]


Cristina Duarte
a journal of one’s own, a text dedicated to mary, margaret, valentine, alice, paula, maria and all the other women
Queer Paper Gardens, Vol. V
Fundacao EDP 2013


João Pinharanda
Undermining the Surrounding World
Museum of Electricity Lisbon 2013


Steve Smith
Contemporary Post-Studio Art Practice and its Institutional Currency, Investigative study with interviews with five U.K based artists, Louise Ashcroft, Claire Blundell Jones, Helene Kazan, Danny Pockets and paula roush
University of Westminster (Dissertation: MA in Visual Cultures), 2013


Tanja Verlak
Excavation Thrill. In conversation paula roush and Tanja Verlak
Nowiswere Contemporary Art Magazine issue 12.


Noemi Smolik
Album Art
Aperture reviews, March 12th 2013


Christina Natlacen
Lieber Aby Warburg, was tun mit Bildern? Vom Umgang mit fotografischem Material, Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Siegen
Camera Austria 121, 2013

Frans Masereel Centre
The memory of stones paula roush
General Residency 01.07.2013 – 02.08.2013

Alison Dell
Field Report! Frans Masereel Centrum, July 23 2013

Mairia Evripidou & Jacqui McIntosh
Connecting Worlds exhibition, 2013

Joana Amaral Cardoso
Museu do Chiado quer mostrar arte sem o filtro da heterossexualidade (Museu do Chiado wants to show art without the filter of heterosexuality)
Ipsilon Publico Magazine, April 9 2013

Sofia Roque
Hetero q.b.?
Esquerda, Opinião, May 11 2013

João Moço
Uma mostra que permite conhecer o outro
Diario de Noticias, May 6 2013

No Museu do Chiado, a arte (e o vídeo) é das mulheres
Ipsilon Publico Magazine, April 9 2013

Teresa Pizarro
Programa Molduras: Entrevista  Emília Tavares e paula roush
As Artes Plasticas na Antena 2, April 22 2013

Bruno Horta
Quem tem medo de ser “queer”? (Who is afraid of being “queer”?)
Timeout, April 24 2013

Mostra de vídeo no Museu do Chiado aborda feminismo e lesbianismo
Cultura Lisboa April 9 2013




Eva Schmidt
Foreword & Acknowledgements
Dear Aby Warburg, what can be done with images? Dealing with Photographic Material
Museum für Gegenwartskunst Siegen, 2012

Ludwig Seyfarth
Space for thinking between the images: on the genesis of the ‘photographic collection’ as an artistic genre
Dear Aby Warburg, what can be done with images? Dealing with Photographic Material
Museum für Gegenwartskunst Siegen, 2012

Tanja Verlak
An attempt at exhausting an archive /Found Photo Foundation
Dear Aby Warburg, what can be done with images? Dealing with Photographic Material
Museum für Gegenwartskunst Siegen

paula roush
Towards a Free/ Libre/ Open/ Source/ University, February 18, 2013
You can find original article on Collaboration and Freedom – The World of Free and Open Source Art here
This article is part of the Furtherfield collection commissioned by Arts Council England for Thinking Digital. 2011


Rob Garrett
paula roush (UK): Public art project, Auckland 2010, April 2, 2010


Darren Newbury
Image, Theory, Practice: Reflections on the Past, Present and Future of Photographic Education
Photographies Journal, 2:2, 117-124, 2009

Pryle Behrman
2007 Ad
Art Monthly, July-August 2007

Sheila McGregor, (2006). New art on view: celebrating the success of the contemporary art society’s special collection scheme. Scala Publishers.

Regine Debatty,
Orwellian projects September 2006.

Timo Arnall
Touch>Bruce Sterling at ‘How I learned to love RFID’
June 2006

Regine Debatty,
Arphid sound performances in the metro. April 2006

Anthony Alexander
Of RFIDs and Arphids: The logistics of the Future
Mute magazine, June 2006

Armin Medosch
The Spychip Under Your Skin:RFID and the Tagged exhibition
Space Media Arts, October 2006

Rael Artel
Artists In Fieldwork: Anu Vahtra, Jaanus Samma, paula roush, Pilvi Takala.
Maja, Estonian Architectural Review, Landscapes Issue,  May 2006, p 39-43.

Katy Deepwell
KISSS revealed: Deej Fabyc, Paula Roush and Camilla Brueton on Kinship International Strategy on Surveillance and Suppression (KISSS)
n.paradoxa, ,Journeys: Volume 17, Jan 2006

Suhjung Hur, Annie On Ni Wan, Andrew Paterson
Locative Media, on and off the beaten track
LEA Locative Media Gallery, 2006


Regine Debatty
New Brave World workshop at iMAL: RFID and art.
we-make-money-not-art, March 2008

Bob Dickinson,
KISSS Kinship International Strategy on Surveillance and Suppression
Art Monthly, Issue n.321, November 2008

Andy Murray
KISSS… your privacy goodbye
Metro, Monday, October 13, 2008

Mark Howarth-Booth
Conspiracy Dwellings
Aperture magazine, Issue 192, Fall 2008

paula roush
Spaces, visibilities and transcultural flows: diasporic strategies in the local worlds.  
Local Worlds. Lagos: Centro Cultural de Lagos. 74-81

Simon Bainbridge
Where there’s art, there brass
British Journal of Photography, 18 June 2008

Luis Ricardo Duarte
Um banho de arte
Jornal de Letras, 18 Jun 2008

Jose Luis Porfirio
Lagos global
Expresso Actual, Julho 2008

Celso Martins
Cultura Emprestada
Expresso Actual, 19 Julho 2008

Jose Marmeleira
Virados ao sul
l+arte 50,  Julho 2008

Instalacao convida a  provar e pensar frutos

Jornal da Madeira/ Cultura / 2008-06-15

Laranjas algarvias transformadas em arte,
Observatorio do Algarve, 14-06-2008

Armindo Vicente
Toneladas de laranjas marcaram arranque do programa “Allgarve”
Barlavento online, 23 de Junho de 2008

Armindo Vicente
20 mil pessoas j. visitaram exposicoes do Allgarve
Barlavento online, 22 de Julho de 2008

Sara Raza
Art in Security and Security in Art
KISSS Kinship International Strategy on Surveillance and Suppression, 2005

Tadej Pogacar
Public Services
Catalogue Public Services exhibition, PavelHaus, October 2005

Hattie Spires
The Crisis of Interpretation: An Investigation Into The Dynamics of Engagement with Site- Specific Art in the Age Of Squanto.
Goldsmiths College (Dissertation, MA In Contemporary Art Theory) September 2004. msdm Stenciled Papers, Date of Issue: January 2005

Louise Garrett
Infiltrate Estonia: SPACE PROTOCOL
Rael Artel Gallery, Parnu, Estonia 2005


Joanna Callaghan
Go on! Have another one!
True Review, December 2004

Sara Raza
Performance: Strategy And Process in The Work Of Adrian Piper, Lida Abdul, Sussan Dyhim, Reza Aramesh and paula roush.
Notes for the Presentation Delivered at Artsadmin November 2004

Zeigam Azizov
POSTSCRIPT (Part One): Portuguese live art in the age of scripted reality
November 2004

Heather Greig-Smith
Operation SOS:OK, Bermondsey, South London.
Regeneration & Renewal, 5 November 2004, p8

Annie Kelly
Bermondsey takes the biscuit Former Peek Frean employees back community project
The Guardian, Wednesday October 20, 2004

Will Pavia
Taking the biscuit
Southwark Weekender, 15 Oct 2004

Alice Park
Current perspectives on the role of art in urban development. Do artistic interventions benefit a community?
Art in Community Settings, Birkbeck College, University of London 2004, Published in SOS:OK guide, msdm publications 2004

Jaka Jeleznikar, interview with paula roush about ‘exercise sos:ok’ at gallery 74, Mladina, Ljubljana, September- October 2004

Boris Gorupic
paula roush/ B&B
deloskop 9.9-15.9.04

Tadeja Milek
preview segment on exercise sos:ok
Val 202 (Slovenia FM Radio) 06.09.04

Camelia Gupta
Artists’ work is perfectly placed
24 hour museum, Aug 2004

Paul Rhys
Perfectly Placed To Enjoy The Art of The People
ICNetwork Aug 27 2004

Jessica Lack
Perfectly Placed: Preview
The Guardian, August 7 2004

Zeigam Azizov
When Phd Becomes an Art Work…
msdm stenciled papers, published for the exhibition Perfectly Placed, South London Gallery, July 2004

Zeigam Azizov
Memory Factory at Coleman Project Space
Published in SOS:OK guide, msdm publications 2004

Will Pavia
Last week hundreds of people piled into a gallery in Bermondsey
Southwark News June 17 2004

Lucia Marques
A Experiencia da Cidade – Londres – 4 Perfis
Storm magazine May-June 2004

Becky Shaw
The Pernicious Nature of Opposition Chic
The Static Pamphlet, Issue 03. 2004


Louis Armand
Prague Biennale
Artmargins 2003

Sarah Carrington and Sophie Hope
A Revolt at the Door
B B (Ed.): Art of Survival London Artists Travel to Prague, Poster publication 2003

Sarah Carrington and Sophie Hope, The Art of Survival: paula roush in Conversation with Ella Gibbs, Alasdair Hopwood, Barry Sykes and Sean Parfitt
Giancarlo Politi (Ed.): Prague Biennale1 Peripheries Become the Center, pp 506-514, Flash Art, Milan, pp 506-515, 2003

Jonah Brucker-Cohen, J.
Report from RAM2: A Joker in the Global Bunker Workshop
NOEMA Tecnologie e Societa, 2003

Jan Inge Reilstad
From The White Cube to The Black Box to The Personal Computer and out in The Grey Wide Open – or How to Reapproach New Media. An Essay on the Postdigital Artscene., 2003

Kandl, J., Kampfer fur’s Gluck, Kunstverein Ulm 2003

Zeigam Azizov
Brand Ranking: Working in Between Consciousness and Conformity
Out/sourcing, msdm publications 2003

Melanie Keen
Out/sourcing, msdm publications 2003

Celso Martins
Balanco de Actividades Ar.Co – 25 anos a reinventar joalharia
Expresso April 3 2003

Axel Vogelsang
The Art Audience as User
Central SaintMartins College (PHD Research, Arts & Design) November 2003

Antje Mayer
Discount-Biennale. Kunst & Kultur July 2003

Antje Mayer
Boycott – Prague Biennale I, Kunst & Kultur, July 2003

Eva Schmidt
City Stripping
GAK: Gesellschaft fur Aktuelle Kunst, Bremen 2001

Britta Schatz
City Stripping
Die Tageszeitung, 2001

Regina Bittner
Places Out of Images
Urban Detours, Bauhaus Foundation, Dessau

Kai Vockler
Time and Space in Megalopolis
The City Gallery, Prague 2001

Brian Holmes
Le mode de diffusion
PARACHUTE No.98 (Avril, Mai et Juin) 2000

Jennifer Burnham
Women With Attitude
SMART Magazine Issue 3, London 2000

Liz Farrelly
Peckham Calling
Blueprint Magazine July/ August 2000