Artist-run project and programme of exhibitions, workshops and publications. Founded by paula roush in 2016, it aims to provide a research framework for photographic art as publishing practice. Throughout the history of the project there has been a questioning of how artists, photographers and publishers can experiment with and develop critically reflexive forms of exhibition practice for photobookworks. Projects have taken on various formats ranging from installations and presentations in institutions, and the production of editions through commissions and collaborative formats. This work has been shown nationally and internationally at All Inked up Kentʼs International Artist Book & Print Event UCA Canterbury & The Brewery Tap Folkestone, KHiO Publishing Studio Oslo National Art Academy, PRINTed #4 Singular publications EINA Centre Universitari de Disseny i Art, UAB Autonomous University of Barcelona and Arts Llibre Worshop ESDA LLotja Escola d’Arts i Oficis de Barcelona, Spain.
Project’s archive: http://uh-books.tumblr.com/
ə-books #10 May 15-18, 2018 Unveil’d Photobook #01
ə-books #9 Mar 9th- Mar 23th 2018 Jens Masmann L ND N
ə-books #8 Tuesday 25 April – Friday 26 May 2017 Tadej Pogačar + Dejan Habicht: HU? Pre-Brexit Tour
ə-books #7 March 28th – April 21st 2017 Héloïse Bergman: The Dying Art
ə-books #6 March 21st – March 24th 2017 Andreia Alves de Oliveira: River Boats & Inner Thoughts
ə-books #5 January 31st- February 25th 2017 Jessica Brouder: I Believe in You
ə-books #4 October 18th- November 18th 2016 Marc Vallée: Vandals and the city
ə-books #3 September 14th- October 12th 2016 Amy Warwick: Blame your parents
ə-books #2 June 28th- August 28th 2016 Martin Toft and Gareth Syvret: Atlantus
ə-books #1 May 25th- June 24th 2016 Lara Gonzalez: made and published

Unstable Media
Collaborative research project into the exhibition as medium by paula roush with collective Unstable Media
2017 The Book Dispersed,
Casa das Artes +Sput&Nik the Window, Porto,Spet 24- October 28 2017 
2016: Faz Tu Mesmx- Arte por Instrução/ DIY: Art by Instruction,
Sput&Nik The Window Gallery, Porto

2013  Hetero q.b.,international video programme curated by Emília Tavares and paula roush, Museu Nacional de Arte Contemporânea, Lisboa
2012 Off the s{h}elf: the self and subjectivity in the artist’s book curated by paula roush, teresa paiva & maria lusitano, Stockwell Studios,  London
2012 The Ed Show, The Digital Art Gallery, London South Bank University, London
2009 New Territories/Novos Territórios curated by paula roush & Inês Amado
Pavilhão 28 Espaço Expositivo do Centro Hospitalar Psiquiátrico de Lisboa, Lisbon, 2009
2008 Mundos Locais Local Worlds, curated  by  Lucia Marques & paula roush, Centro Cultural de Lagos, Portugal