Katy Deepwell
KISSS Revealed: Deej Fabyc, paula roush and Camilla Brueton on Kinship International Strategy on Surveillance and Suppression (KISSS)
n.paradoxa: international feminist art journal
volume 17, Jan 2006 Journeys (2006) pp.36-43 

In this interview, Katy Deepwell interviews members of Kinship International Strategy on Surveillance and Suppression (KISSS) about their projects. As Deej Fabyc explains in the interview about the origin of the group: 'KISSS started from a conversation at my kitchen table with Joanna Callaghan. I was saying that I’d really like to go on a summer holiday with some friends and make some work together and Joanna was telling me that she would like to start a political party. This was around the time of the election campaign. Those two things came together to form KISSS, a neat acronym, but the words that go with it do define the purposes of the group. We wanted to have a title which was like a title of a political party and the triple ‘sss’ gave it a feminine modality'.
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