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News from NowhereLockdown (or An Epoch of Unrest)
Photography and artwork: paula roush
Production and styling: Hugo Santos
Garments and make-up: Robert George Sanders
Hugo Santos
Robert George Sanders
Claudiu Panaite
Josef Abela
Lena Cantarellas

Sculpture (Domenest): 
Natercia Caneira
Table (Wood Library): Anna Odrich
Musical instruments: Gem Milsom
Mural (Animal Ally): msdm + GBH
Text designThe Modern Designer

In collaboration with Carpark magazine
commissioned for  issue 14


MEDIUM: newspaperwork
DIMENSIONS: 50 × 35 cm
PAPER: 55gsm newsprint
BINDING: Endorse folded not stapled
PROCESS: Digital
COLOUR: colour
TEXT: Hommage to News from Nowhere
(or An Epoch of rest) by William Morris
PUBLISHER: msdm publications
YEAR: 2021

News from NowhereLockdown (or An Epoch of Unrest)
has been published as a stand-alone newspaper work,
alongside the editorial of the same name published in
CarPark magazine issue 14, curated by Dino Tsapaliras
and launched in January 2021. 
For more information on Carpark issue 14 see here


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