An exhibition dedicated to various expressions of subjectivity in artists’ publications.
It brings together contributions from a variety of formats and editions that consider the self in the artist’s book.
The exhibition focus on contemporary publications and includes a wide range of genres, including handmade books, object-books, sculptural books, altered books, installation books, photobooks, photozines, print-on-demand books, zines, serial editions (artists’ magazines) and ebooks.
Emerging topics include: 
Self-portraits as self-analysis
Archival practices of the self
Family albums and personal narratives
Gender and feminist narratives
Auto-biography and fictional biographies
Sexualities and space
Performance of the self
Travel book and diasporic strategies

Off the s{h}elf: the self and subjectivity in the artist’s book
Stockwell Studios, 7 -9 December 2012
Curated by paula roush, teresa paiva & maria lusitano


Bookworks by: Abigail Thomas, Alice Geirinhas, Alice O’hanlon, Amy Owen, Angela Dimitrakaki, Pam Skelton, and Mare Tralla, Anne Marte Overaa, Anne Nyyssonen, Catarina De Oliveira, Cristina Almeida, Cristina Gozzini, Ditte Ejlerskov, E.J.Major, Elizabeth Shores, Ella De Burca, Emilie Bell, Felicity Allen, Fritz Stolberg, Geoff Routh, Georgina Sleap, Halo Halo, Heather Matthew, Isabel Baraona, Ivo Dias De Sousa, J Brixey Williams, C Brueton, S Kennedy, T U. Schmidt, R Shah, C Younger, J.Rosa G., Jamie Bradbury, Jihee Kim, Joseph Ridgeon, Julie Cook, Katherine Mitchell, Lara Gonzalez, Fugitive Images, Lauren Winsor, Lina Avramidou, Linda S Williams, Lucy Baxandall, Manuela São Simão, Margaret Cooter, Maria Lusitano, Marie Ange Bordas, Marion Denis, May Magee, Michelle Avison, Mireille Ribière, Nicole Mollett, Pam Skelton, paula roush, Pedro Andrade, Penny Stanford, Randy Klein, Rebecca Chamlee, Sally Waterman,Sara Nunes Fernandes & and Lúcia Prancha, Sarah Gillett, Sarah Mccoy, Sílvia Prudêncio, Synodinou Marilena, Teresa Paiva, Trish Scott, Veronica Rowlands, Victor Mota and Welmoet Wartena