Photobook Pop-up 
The photobook pop-up  is part of Self-Publishing and the Photobook module, a  12 - weeks project researching photographic art as a publishing practice. paula in collaboration with Alejandro Acin, IC VisualLab.
With: School of Arts and Creative Industries (London South Bank University),
2nd year Photography
Where: London Rd Solutions Centre and Borough Rd Gallery, London

Pop-up#3  15- 18 May 2018 here>
Pop-up#2  15-19 May 2017 here>
Pop-up #1 23-27  May 2016 here>

What I believe makes this module like some others stand out from their counterparts within other similar institutes is it’s ability to take that much necessary additional step which deals with the realisation of what happens once a product has been made. It is here that there is clear evidence of something special.
The collectively curated and themed programme and the pop up shop is an excellent example of providing alternative first hand potentially transformative models for entrepreneurship and engagement for investment. The production values of the books and zines demonstrated a sophistication and detailed engagement with the craft.

Jonathan Shaw, Professor of Photography and Media and Director of Coventry University’s Disruptive Media Learning Lab