msdm a nomadic house-studio-gallery for photographic art and curatorial research, an expanded practice of the artist's book, photobook publishing and peer-to-peer collaboration created by contemporary artist paula roush

CREiA::: Creative Attentive Studio for a mindful art practice (online course)



Creative Attentive Studio (CREiA) is an online
learning platform
to nourish and strengthen 
creativity, mindfulness and
body-mind expansion, through various
processes and exercises.

A space where body and mind are one. 

As Joseph Beuys would put it “we are all artists”
or according to Pauline Oliveros
“we are all composers”. 

We are indeed all creative beings,
no matter in which field or area of our lives;
we only need to open the doors of perception
to allow for new ways of seeing and of doing. 


Root Home 

CREiA presents
Root Home workshop

Sessions on Saturdays
4 weeks
5, 12, 19 e 26 June 2021

10.00 —  12.00 Rooting Down Voicing Out.
Tutor: Inês R. Amado 

13.30 —  15.30 A Book Called Home. 
Tutor: paula roush 

With these online sessions we intend to deliver 
ways and processes of engagement,
and development. 
You are taken through

a series of perspectives and tools 
in order to generate,

be creative and expand in any field.



Rooting Down Voicing Out.
Tutor: Inês R. Amado 

An inclusive mediated workshop of creativity, where each participant will be encouraged to work in their own field. From drawing to photography, video, performance, writing... an induction into Deep Listening® in order to open the mind and create a basis for inclusive creativity.  We will be focusing on different aspects of engagement, out of which each participant is free and encouraged to address the given subject from their own perspective and area of interest.  You will have the opportunity to present your work collectively and have a group tutorial, thus benefiting from interaction, discussion and feedback. Opportunity for one to one tutorials.

* Listening deeply to oneself is to allow the individual voice within to be heard.
* Listening deeply to others is to allow their voices to resonate in oneself.



A Book Called Home. 
Tutor: paula roush 

The artist’s book and the space of confinement
In this workshop, you  develop an artist’s book related to the theme of the home. You learn about small-scale models of art  publishing, and practice the integration of photographic and book art practices. Experiential exercises of visualisation support project development from initial source materials to a book dummy.

Two workshops, four  sessions each [total of eight sessions]
Tuition: £125 on a sliding scale according to income
A link for the Zoom class meeting will be emailed to the participants about one week prior to the start date. Please read the instructions included in the email. If you have additional questions please contact Inês or paula at


Dr. Inês R. Amado work spans several media: video, site-specific installation, sound and performance with a particular interest in interdisciplinary, collaboration and participatory projects through a process of dialogue, interaction, and exchange. [more+]

paula roush is an artist whose practice is primarily photography-led and manifests itself in multiple formats such as installation, publications, curatorial and participatory projects; She teaches  at the London South Bank University. [more+]



msdm   is  Mobile  Strategies  of  Display  &   Mediation
 a nomadic House — Studio — Gallery for photographic art
curatorial research, expanded practice of the artist's book
photobook publishing  and peer - to - peer collaborations 


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