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CREiA : : :  creative attentive

studio for mindful art practice

ROOT~HOME exhibition
featuring new works
is online & live now
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CREiA::: Creative Attentive
Studio for a mindful art practice 

Creative Attentive Studio (CREiA) is an online learning platform to nourish and strengthen  creativity, mindfulness and body-mind expansion, through multiple exercises where body and mind are one.  As Joseph Beuys would put it “we are all artists” or according to Pauline Oliveros “we are all composers”.  We are indeed all creative beings, no matter in which field or area of our lives.
CREiA facilitates the emergence of this creative field through openness to 
new ways of seeing and doing. 

CREiA was founded by Inês Amado and is run together with paula roush.
Workshops are facilitated in Portuguese and English.


Root-Home  is an experiential online course, focused on deep listening and creative exercises, which have been inspired equally by mindful art practices and relational domestic crafts. Created and piloted in 2020 during lockdown, the project addresses issues of  self-confinement, isolation and the need for tools that support a reflective creative practice and guide us tuning in to the wealth of resources both spiritual and material surrounding us.  


SESSIONS: 8 ( four weeks, AM  & PM) 


ROOT-HOME English group  [View WORKSHOP]

RAIZ-CASA Grupo Portugues  [View WORKSHOP]


Individual and group tutorials [see INFO]


CREiA::: Creative Attentive Studio  for a mindful art practice 

Ann Rapstoff, bookwork

ROOT~HOME exhibition 
Featuring new works is online & live now [VIEW EXHIBITION


Clare Carswell: bookwork and performance to camera

CREiA + CouCou = Home Books
Clare Carswell, Peta Lloyd, Annie Rapstoff, 
Rhiannon Evans
[online catalogue]

CREiA::: Creative Attentive Studio  for a mindful art practice 

Clare Carswell,   WINGZI, bookwork and performance to camera: Paper, acrylic paint, metallic paint, pen, clothes pegs, hebe bush, elastic hair bands, duck tape.

CREiA gallery [here]


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