A survey of artists working with and inspired by books 
Milton Gallery, St Paul’s School London
Bookworks by:  paula roush, Abigail Thomas, Tania McCormack, Rob McDonald, Justin Coombes, Jane Grisewood, Jane Hyslop, Kaho Kojima, Christina Mitrentse, Anne Rook,  Rosie Sherwood,  Egidija Čiricaitė, Collective Investigations
Curated by: Emi Avora
February 26 – March 17, 2015
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Areopagitica (Milton’s Nose) is a newsprint publication made of two earlier  publishing projects:  Russian Ballet Riot, a newspaper work about David Bomberg’s pamphlet Russian Ballet * and Areopagitica, a newspaper work about John Milton’s pamphlet Areopagitica. ** The resulting newsprint publication, titled Areopagitica (Milton’s Nose) blends collages from the pages of Russian Ballet Riot with collages from the pages of Areopagitica, plus additional documentation of the newspaper works installed with objects - clay noses created by St Paul’s school students- as a table installation at Milton’s gallery.

John Milton  (1608- 1674) was a student at St Paul’s School, and wrote Areopagitica in 1644 in defense of an unlicensed free press.
David Bomberg  (1890 – 1957) was a teacher at London South Bank University (Borough Polytechnic Institute) and published Russian Ballet (1919), inspired by Diaghilev's Ballets Russes for the company’s London performance.

* Published as part of the exhibition David Bomberg: Objects of Collection, at the Digital Gallery, London South Bank University, 10-12 December 2013
** Published as part of the exhibition Art in a Book Shell: A survey of artists working with and inspired by books, at the Milton Gallery, St Paul’s School, London, 26 February – 17 March 2015