msdm a nomadic house-studio-gallery for photographic art and curatorial research, an expanded practice of the artist's book, photobook publishing and peer-to-peer collaboration created by contemporary artist paula roush

msdm emblem is a character
in the collage-novel
The Memory of Stones
created during a residency
at the Frans Masereel Centrum.

[More about The Memory of Stones here]


The memory of stones, accordeon book, 16 pages, 21 x14.8 cm (21x 120 cm open), printed on cartridgepaper, 130 gsm using stone lithography at the Frans Masereel Centrum Kasterlee, Belgium 

other animal emblems and references

Harry Pointer
photography studio
an engraved picture of a cat
in a roundel, 
artwork by
Rosa Myra Drummond 
Source: Sussex Photohistory


Ray Johnson Bunny Head
In January 1964, Ray Johnson signed a letter to his friend William (Bill) S. Wilson with a small picture of a bunny head next to his name. This image rapidly proliferated, primarily becoming Johnson’s signature and “self portrait” as personifications of how he felt on a given day. Johnson also used the bunny head to represent other “characters” who populate his works, as well as the subject of one of his “How to draw” series. The bunny head is so emblematic of Johnson and his work that John Walter and Andrew Moore chose it for the title of their documentary on Johnson, How to Draw a Bunny.

source:Ray Johnson Estate


Nigo A Bathing Ape emblem for  
streetwear brand BAPE
[see logo history here]


Sming Sming Books: 
book-lover cat logo

[see imprint here]


Claes Oldenburg: Mouse Museum/
Ray Gun Wing
source: MOMA installation[here]


Schrodinger's cat
thought experiment
[see summary here]


Mikey cat
Lisa Larson collaboration with Tonkashi
[See here


Working with animal allies:
animals are an essential
component of shamanic practice

[see here]


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