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BUS SPOTTING + A STORY at msdm Electric House

bus-spotting+ a story: photobook and installation

A STORY table edition
21 single section books 148 x 210 mm each, duotone toner prints on 80gsm paper
installed on wood trestle table 60 x 74 x 200 cm



BUS-SPOTTING leporello edition
leporello with 31 folds, closed: 29x21 cm; total length unfolded: 1,271 cm
installed in in wood & metal support structure 28x x 49 x 180 cm

About the project

BUS-SPOTTING + A STORY marks the launch of Found Photo Foundation’s Orphan Series. Each work in the series explores a particular approach to publishing the printed material in the Found Photo Foundation collection [ + ]. Orphan #1 BUS-SPOTTING + A STORY is the result of the collaboration with Mireille Ribière, author, photographer and photobook publisher [ + ].

BUS-SPOTTING + A STORY is a 4-part photo-essay. Parts 1 and 2 (Bus Ride) comprise a sequence of 32 photographs in the form of twin books, split in images of double and single-decker buses. Part 3 (A Story) uses  text and image with reference to the genre of photo-romance. Part 4 (Transport Enthusiasts) elucidates the raison d’être of the overall work, as well as the context in which the photographs were taken, through correspondence with one of the original photographers.108 pages
4 separate books (B&W, duotone and colour). More on the photobook here [ + ]

Selected for the Photo-text award at Les Rencontres de la photographie Arles 2016
Included in the Kaleid Editions exhibition at the Khio Oslo National Academy of the Arts Library [ + ]


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