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The Page Turner at the V&A National Art Library

Page Turner: photographic archives, photobook works and self-publishing 
4 days workshop
National Art Library and msdm studio (day 1), London South Bank University School of Arts and Creative Industries print studios (days 2,3,4)
January 24- 27 2016

This course explores the intersection of photographic archives and photobook publishing.
Day 1: start at the V&A by visiting the National Art Library and get inspired by the photobooks in the artists’ books collection, followed by photographic research in msdm studio.
Days 2, 3, 4: The workshop continues at the London South Bank University at the art studios to develop photobook dummies, including photo narrative, sequencing, printing and binding.

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Page-Turner at the Lisbon Photobook Fair

Page-turner: Photography, the Book and Self-Publishing
4-day photobook publishing workshop and pop-up exhibition with artists and photographers to develop their photographic work into photobook projects
in partnership with The New Suspects/ Lisbon Photobook Fair / Lisbon Photography Archives.
Lisbon Photography Archive satellite space
Lisbon Photobook Fair: 2015 , 2016 and 2017

The workshop and exhibition project PAGE TURNER: photography, the book and self-publishing presents a provocation to the generally held assumption of the centrality of the photographic series and sequencing in the photobook. Challenging this perspective that has become the canon of photobook thinking, the workshops propose to look instead at what surrounds the photographs, starting with the book form, whose traditionally recognisable features- codex,  double spread,  textual and paratextual elements (index, colophon, table of contents, etc) – act conjointly to support an expanded notion of photographic art where humour, everyday and the archive can be read.
During the 4 days intensive workshop we have the opportunity to engage with photobook publishing as artistic practice, and particularly with the intersection between photography and the book.
The workshop has a double objective:
1) to map the conceptual framework of photobook works for those developing academic projects and/ or writing critically on the topic;
2) to support the practice of a photobook project, for those already working in a photobook or intending to develop one from an existing photographic collection.

Page turner#4: Photography, the Book and Self-publishing workshop and exhibition
with: Andresa Olímpio, Arlindo Pinto, Francisco Varela, Maria Portaluppi, Ines Torres de Lima, Jorge Alexandre Pereira, Luís Carvalhal, María Prada, Matilde Viegas, Pippa Healy e Sara Rocio
November 23-26 2107
8th Lisbon Photobook Fair at the Arquivo Municipal de Lisboa Fotográfico, Portugal

Page Turner#2- Photography, The Book and Self-Publishing , workshops and exhibition view, 7th Lisbon Photobook Fair, Arquivo Municipal De Lisboa, 2016. with: Maria Alves,  Ana Alvim,  Ana Fonseca,  Silvia Goncalves,   Fernando Marante,  Luisa Neves,  Anik Polo,  Luis Santo Vaz,   Francisco Varela, Pelayo Iglesias


Page Turner#1- Photography, The Book and Self-Publishing , workshops and exhibition view, 6th Lisbon Photobook Fair, Arquivo Municipal De Lisboa, 2015

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A photographic project based around a contemporary health centre

Walking and photographing we explored the poetics of everyday life, investigated the relationship of place to memory, uncovered fragments of the former hospital’s history, documented processes of urban transformation and essayed personal responses to the space. The final artwork is these photographs that mirror photobooks created in editorial workshops during which we folded and sewed photographs into paper-based constellations. The images have been installed in the centre’s walls and printed as a newspaper photowork

ACAVA commissioned the studio to work with St Charles 6th Form College  Art and Photography students and their tutors to create a site-specific photographic project for  St Charles Centre for Health and Wellbeing in Ladbroke Grove area, West London.

first workshop: photographic research

In the  first workshop we started by looking at photobooks and photozines  that engage with sites/ places / spaces and debated what site-specific photographic work can do:

  • explore poetics of the everyday in the area- things that are not necessarily noticed but are part of day to day life
  • investigate  relationship of space to memory
  • document urban transformation
  • uncover fragments of historical urban landscape 
  • represent feelings, emotional response to the space
  • research a specific site through walking, drifting, getting lost

Photozines are a very tangible way to work in response to a place. Its immediacy allow for a quick representation of a subject or idea; and  they can be easily designed and printed with a home printer and photocopier. We looked at: Lucinda Smart's Let me take you by the hand, a photonewspaper work, Adam Murray's Winterthur photozine ,and our photobookzine Paintball Field, examples of photoworks that resulted from spending time photographing a place and sequencing the photographic series into a timeline that captures the lived experience of the place. 

We also had our first site visit and used the photo cameras for an initial photo-documentation of the centre. The history of the site can be traced back to 1879 when Saint Marylebone Infirmary was built in Rackham Street, Ladbroke Grove, to support the sick poor serviced by the Saint Marylebone Workhouse. Renamed in 1930 as St. Charles Hospital, some of this background story can be uncovered at Peter Higginbotham's workhouses site.

editorial workshops: book dummies

These are the amazing first photobook dummies produced during the subsequent editorial workshops, experimenting with design, printing and bookbinding.
Views of some of the books created by Chloe, Monet, Amy, Eden, Sundus, Jack, Kavita, Dominika and Zainab.

PDF of the collective  newspaper work here

Project by msdm/ paula roush for the St Charles Centre for Health and Wellbeing in North Kensington, West London. With St Charles College art students (fine arts, textiles and photography) and their tutors. Managed by Isabella Niven- ACAVA [Association for Cultural Advancement through Visual Art] in collaboration with St Charles College. With the support of Lorraine McGuinness, Meena Julien, Craig Wheatley and Melanie Rye. Funded by NHS West London Clinical Commissioning Group. Published by ACAVA.

 Photobooks by Kavita Mahabir-Singh, Eden Hawkes, Dominika Ostrowska, Sundus Abubaker, Amy Valance John-Brown, Zainab Jode, Jack Sheppard, Chloé Tomasin,Monet Jean-Charles.

2-3>Kavita Mahabir-Singh | Ever Changing 22 Pages 29 X 20.5
4-5>Eden Hawkes | Between Bricks Of Nature 8 Pages 14.8 X 21 cm
6-7>Dominika Ostrowska | Serenity 16 Pages 21 X 14.5 cm
8-9>Sundus Abubaker | Nature 8 Pages 14.8 X21 cm
10-11>Amy Valance John-Brown | As Nature Unfolds...9 Pages 19 X 13 cm (171cm total)
12-13>Zainab Jode | 16 Pages 14.8 X 21 cm
14-15>Jack Sheppard | Aperture 10 Pages 19.7 X 29.7 cm
16-17>Chloé Tomasin | Sitting Down Brings Back Memories… 8 pages 18.5 x 12.5 cm (148 cm total)
18-19>Monet Jean-Charles | Isolation 16 pages 14.8 X21 cm
1-20> paula roush | where shall we wander 72 pages 21 x 29.7 cm

Permanent installation at  St Charles Centre for Health & Wellbeing in North Kensington, West London, 2015


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