Flora McCallica
32 pages  38 x 26 cm approx. with folded colophon 16x 18 cm
laser printed black & white corona offset 120 gsm
hand-bound, japanese stab binding with kangxi corners,
hand-stencilled lettering on title page
collage and design: paula roush
source: found photo foundation
edition of 32, numbered and signed, released 2017
msdm publications
£80 (free p&p)

Collage of orphan photos from a set dated 1958 found in Lisbon flea market and a 1920s herbarium (Herbarium Britannicum) discarded by London Kew Gardens. The title is a tribute to Mary Delany, inventor of botanical collage  (Flora Delanica 1772-1782), and Annie McCall, founder of Maternity Hospital (1889-1970), aka Stockwell Studios (1975-2013), where msdm publications were based.

Further info:

Central to my work is the selection and publication of images in a variety of media, ranging from photobooks to photo-texts, newspapers and multiples. I am interested in the practices of collecting and archiving and look for intersections of memory and historiography. I combine my own photographs with those by other photographers. The sources are diverse, including the Found Photo Foundation and other photographic collections,and so are the publishing formats. Multiplication, collage and decomposition are methods of working that reflect upon notions of authenticity, authorship and the aura of the technologically reproduced work of art.
Flora McCallica as a body of work contains printworks, installations and photobookworks. The collages have historical and biographical references, mixing orphan photographs dated 1958 found in the Lisbon flea market, and botanical specimens from an herbarium dated 1920s discarded by London Kew Gardens. Like pieces of evidence altered by the passage of time, the silkscreen and stone lithography prints have stains and patterns that are unique to each print.