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 Orphan #2
Lisbon Vernacular
Edited and designed by paula roush
16 pages  with various gate folds and sizes
29.7 x 21 cm approx.
laser printed on a selection of uncoated matte papers including  corona offset 120 gsm
loose cover in grey bookbinding cloth and transparent film with title  stamped in golden foil
Edition of 25, numbered and signed
£30 (free p&p)


The images published by msdm publications in its Orphan series are from The Found Photo Foundation; each publication uses its own format so as to reflect the editor’s original approach to the material.
Orphan #2 is a selection from three photo albums  of domestic porn, found in the offices of Lisbon’s leading telecommunications company. A common practice in mid 20th century city life, office workers used their lunch break to visit one another’s homes and enact their fantasies for the camera.



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