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Work: The Future As Adventure
Curated by: Ana João Romana and Isabel Baraona
Context: the exhibition "My Body Is Your Body," Coimbra Biennial Year Zero Gallery: Círculo de Artes Plásticas de Coimbra
Dates: October-Dcember 2023
Gallery: FINITA project at Imago 
Dates: April 11 - 13 2024
Artists Talk: April 13

The Future as Adventure consists of a collection of postcards.

The curatorial text says: "For The Future as Adventure, we invited 35 artists with diverse practices and backgrounds, from young recent graduates to professionals with established careers. As visual artists and teachers, we are interested in this crossing of generations and experiences. The postcards will be displayed on wooden shelves on the wall and made available for any visitor to take copies of their choice.

The Future as Adventure is not limited, so to speak, to the physical space of the gallery Círculo de Artes Plásticas de Coimbra and its duration, it goes beyond the dates of the show, as the budget provides for sending 175 postcards (5 copies of each) via mail to a varied list of recipients related to the art world.

Postcards are a modest graphic material with no great economic value, in this case they are free, perhaps because they are in a small format, they are more associated with ephemera and less with art objects, and they still cause controversy regarding their cataloging or acceptance as a work of art. François de Coninck, founder of the publisher Klet and Co, says, 'unlike a book, a postcard is not a closed object: flirtatious, always on display, endowed with immediate poetic effectiveness (...).' The postcard has this peculiar characteristic, its ease of circulation and the shamelessly offering its content to all who come across it, including the postal workers, like the mailman who delivers it to the hands of the recipient."





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