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of confidential and privileged information
msdm + GBH

6 volumes of electronic matter from defunct data firm Cambridge Analytica plus photozine of selected infographics
Vol 1 Bolton, Vol 2 Brazil, Vol 3 Ghana, Vol 4 Iran, Vol 5 Kenya, Vol 6 Malaysa
Monochrome laser printing on 80 gsm paper, Perfect binding with exposed thread and deconstructed soft cover 
21x 29.7 cm each



The texts and images brought together in these publications are drawn from the project O.C.E.A.N. Library, an attempt to provide a printed collection of defunct data firm Cambridge Analytica electronic matter. Brittany Kaiser initiated the leak  on the twitter account @HindsightFiles on New Year’s Day 2020 with the release of six folders. The internal documents and emails relate to a crucial period from 2015 to 2018, when the firm misused Facebook data to manipulate voters on the UK Brexit referendum and the 2016 US election. The folders also reveal the data firm’s influence on other countries political systems, including Iran, Malaysia, Ghana, Brazil and Kenya.

 The O.C.E.A.N. LIBRARY edition features text and images related to Cambridge Analytica use of psychographic data to create ads targeting people based on their personalities. This psychographic profiling matches political campaigning to 5 personality types: “open” (O), “conscientious” (C), “extroverted” (E), “agreeable” (A), or “neurotic” (N). The work also explores the tension inherent to Brittany Kaiser’s role as Cambridge Analytica business development director for three-and-a-half years before leaving in 2018 and her self-proclaimed whistle blower status, which contested as it is nevertheless made these documents available to public scrutiny.