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PAINTBALL FIELD (3,06 billion cycles per second)

solo exhibition featuring Paintball Field
new photoworks and installation by paula roush
Installation commissioned by Barreiro Photography Month at AMAC
Curated by Sofia Matos

Paintball Field was made during a residency in the ‘schist’ mountain villages of Portugal. The area has become depopulated and is now being developed as a destination for tourists.
The title of the work refers to a local recreation area where visiting families come with their children to play war games
using guns firing balls of paint. The photographs conjure up
a hunting scene in which a female figure wearing a cork mask
– resembling those that were used by the original villagers
during carnival – is being pursued.
More than a simple ironic take on violence and war, the work draws on ethnographic connotations, evoking a dramatic encounter between the rural traditions of the past and
present-day cultural practices.

3.06 billion cycles per second is the clock speed of the
computer used to create the photoworks, expressed in
gigahertz: 3.06 GHz.

The computer is only one of the mediating elements
in this practice, connected to capturing, editing, printing
and publishing devices.
An underlying trauma is the feeling of loss:
emotional, social and technological.
Loss of loved ones, lived spaces and computing power)

PAINTBALL FIELD WEA Skirt-bag, Paintball field rubberised linen pleated photo-print 59 x 56 cm On Black non-woven poly garments bag with interior Zipped compartment 98 x 57 cm open Twin hand and shoulder carrier handles Created for the exhibition PAINTBALL FIELD (3,06 billion cycles per second) Red Gallery at AMAC Barreiro
PAINTBALL FIELD WEA Rectangular wall piece Paintball greyscale rubberised linen photo-print 118 x 84 cm shot (two tones) with a paintball gun (GBH collab) With 3-d cuts and rubbermesh inserts
Created for the exhibition PAINTBALL FIELD (3,06 billion cycles per second) Red Gallery at AMAC Barreiro
PAINTBALL FIELD Soft Portfolio bag 60x 85cm
White woven polypropylene sack with greyscale linen Paintball photo-print Twin shoulder carrier handles in yellow+black camouflage motif rubber Extra-long interior compartment 120cm 85cm open
Monochrome xerox prints on paper and fabric shot (two tones) with a paintball gun (GBH collab) with props, installed on metal, foam and and wood structures  Installation views of the exhibition 
PAINTBALL FIELD (3,06 billion cycles per second) Red Gallery at AMAC Barreiro

Photoworks printed monotone with laser toner on xerox paper and linen, shot (two tones) with a paintball gun (collaboration with GBH), wearables with photoworks printed onto silk cotton, props, foam and mannequin, installed on metal and wood structures
Red Gallery Auditório Municipal Augusto Cabrita 
1 Nov  2018 – 10 Feb 2019


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