msdm a nomadic house-studio-gallery for photographic art and curatorial research, an expanded practice of the artist's book, photobook publishing and peer-to-peer collaboration created by contemporary artist paula roush

0:00 Everyone knows what a photobook is
0:20 Loeper's photo book
0:29 Automation
0:46 World photobook day
1:06 Brecht and Benjamin 
1:40 Ideological overtones
1:54 First photobook
2:17 Photobook club
2:38 Photobook workshop
3:02 Aperture photobook award
3:20 An emergent term
3:43 Is everyone a publisher?
3:52 Deadline
4:04 The first project
4:21 Authorship
4:38 Painting, Photography, Film
5:01 Captions
5:10 Software solutions
5:26 The intentional fallacy
5:54 Networks
6:10 Exhibitions
6:26 PhD 
6:48 Photographic expression
7:08 Photobook masterclass
7:48 Self-publishing
8:18 Photobook companies
8:42 Photobook companies
9:10 Photobook dummy
9:36 Two markets 
9:51 Non-linear narrative
10:03 A history of photography
10:16 Portfolio vs photobook
10:28 Photo-essay
11:03 Fandom photobook
11:24 Knowledge base
11:46 Market value
12:07 Definition
13:22 Self-critique
13:48 Collaboration
14:00 Publish your  book
14:20 Doctoral research

0:00 Blurring boundaries
0:15 Wedding photobook

0:40 PART II

Online launch of Photobook Is Did You Mean Photo Book Is

The performance took place on zoom, mediated by susana paiva who introduced the audience to the rules of interaction, namely, the ability to resize the two view windows, switch cam + mike off and place questions via chat. The screenshare window featured an animation of the book pages, synchronous with its reading out loud by  Victoria (The Received Pronunciation automated voice in Acrobat Pro). msdm studio window featured video stream of four actions {rehearsed with the support of Hugo Santos) related to visualising, editing, publishing and distributing the book.

TITLE WORK: Photobook Is  
Did You Mean Photo Book Is  
AUTHOR: paula roush

MEDIUM: photobook
PAGES: 680
DIMENSIONS: 22.86 x 15.24 cm
PAPER: cream 90 gsm paper 
BINDING: Perfect bound glued spine
COVER: Paperback with glossy  finish
PROCESS: Digital
COLOUR: Black&white
KDP ISBN: 9798669289034
PUBLISHER: msdm publications
YEAR: 2020

Photobook Is  Did You Mean Photo Book Is  
explores the little-known but fascinating world
of photobook print on-demand publishing.
The book, created using artificial intelligence,
has two sections to read in order or randomly.
First section scrutinises the ‘photobook’ term,
including colloquial, vernacular, technical,
academic,theoretical and artistic uses of the term.
Second section contains diagrams and
technical drawings of  patent publications
related to software applications for automatic
photobook production and print-on-demand.

Research initiated in 2015.
First published as a limited edition
of 25 hand-made books in 2017
Published as a print-on-demand
edition in 2020

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