msdm a nomadic house-studio-gallery for photographic art and curatorial research, an expanded practice of the artist's book, photobook publishing and peer-to-peer collaboration created by contemporary artist paula roush

photobook publishing TUTORIALS

group and individual  tutorials
studio-based and on zoom 


Essential technical skills for publishing as artistic practice
Tutor: paula roush 

-Essential desktop publishing  skills [using InDesign/ Affinity or other software application] with varied photobook templates and handouts
so you can practice at your own pace;
-Book dummy: essential skills to create a hand-bound maquette with sequenced artwork, photographs and text 
-Printing with your own printer: workflow for inkjet and laser printers, papers to choose and printing commands


Please have a look at the results of other workshops to get an idea about possible outcomes:


Page-turner: photography, the book & self-publishing

Personal Archive, Body of Work


Clarity is one of the keys to developing a project we love.
When we clarify our definite chief aim, many opportunities for
personal growth and professional practice come our way.
As a result of working with me, artists, photographers and authors,
clarify their projects, strengthen their photographic research,
editing and storytelling, develop the self-confidence and skills
required to edit, print and publish meaningful work. 
Are you interested in transforming your photographic projects
into photoworks, installations, photobooks, editions, multiples? 
Would you benefit from clarity and self-belief to develop your
photographic work into a sustainable practice?





These  sessions are  perfect  if you have a photographic project
that you want to publish, and you need to:

• develop the editorial plan
• consolidate the concept and/or narrative
• group, serialise and sequence photography and text
• use InDesign to place photographs and text
• choose paper suitable for duplex printing
• learn to print duplex with laser and inkjet printers
• bind the book by hand
• publish and distribute a small edition


Option 1
Individual tutorial 
£35 (1h);  £60 (2h)
When:  flexible, weekend and evening  availability 

Option 2
group tutorial (2- 3 participants) 
£25 each (1h);  £50 (2h) 
When:  flexible, weekend and evening  availability

Content of the sessions
• Clarification of project's definite chief aim: research,
   photographic selection and elements of story-telling
• Optimise photographs in photoshop and text in word
• Indesign's photobook design: photographic and typographic layout
• Laser and inkjet printing
• Binding of the book dummy


Photobook self-publishing workshops do also take place
in the context of other photography festivals and fairs. 

Page-turner: Photography, the Book and Self-Publishing 
is a 4-day photobook publishing workshop and pop-up exhibition,
in partnership with The New Suspects/ Lisbon Photobook Fair
[2015 , 2016 and 2017] and the Aarhus Photobook week [2020 and 2021]
[see works here]

ARQUIVO pessoal CORPO de trabalho workshop happened `
in the context of Festival Internacional de Fotografia
de Avintes-iNstantes 2021. 
[see works here]





One-to-one Portfolio Review
One session: 1-2h at msdm studio or online [via zoom]
When:  flexible, weekend and evening  availability
Fee:  from £60 
To book: email 

Portfolio Reviews do also take place in the context of other Photography Events. paula was one of the portfolio reviewers for IMAGO Portfolio Review  Imago Photo Festival. It was open to applicants from around the world and was an opportunity for emerging and established photographers to submit their projects to a group of photography experts, including photography practitioners and museum curators/ directors.


• 3 full days dedicated to 1: 1 studio production
8 hours of production Friday: 9: 00-13: 00; 14:00 to 18:00
8 hours of production Saturday: 9: 00-13: 00; 14:00 to 18:00
8 hours of production Sunday: 9: 00-13: 00; 14:00 to 18:00
FEE: £ 800

Content of the sessions
• Clarification of project's definite chief aim:
   research, photographic selection and elements of story-telling
• Preparation of photos in photoshop and text in word
• Indesign's photobook design: photo and text layout
• Laser printing
• Binding
• Final result: Editing 10-12 printed and bound photobooks
• Indesign package with indesign files and photos, ready for future editions

Food and coffee/tea included
Email support for future practice included

Mentoring in msdm studio may also be offered in the “Gift Ecology“, inspired by Charles Eisenstein, author of Sacred Economics.  If you can't afford the set fees, you are invited to gift the studio in return.
Those new to this practice ask what is the average gift given per session: this is typically the equivalent of £60 per 2 hours  session, up to  £800 per weekend, as outlined above.



paula is a photographer and founder of msdm,  a London-based house-studio-gallery for photographic practice. Established as an imprint of msdm studio, msdm publications are a small-scale model of photobook publishing, encompassing photographic practice and book art processes.
[for more info on paula's practice see here, and about the studio here]

The studio’s current research focus is on photobooks as sequential archives [see here]

She is also Senior Lecturer in Art Photography and Photobook Publishing in the School of Arts and Creative Industries at the London South Bank University, and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Her photobooks are in several artists’ books collections including the National Art Library at the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Centre Pompidou’s Kandinsky Library.

In these workshsop you will learn the secrets of correct paper/printer combinations
and the combination of hand-made and digital techniques that paula has perfected for photobook dummies and small editions through a decade of research.


*NOTE: artistic name is intentionally written in all lowercase font.
Please do not use standard capitalisation.