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Protest Academy

Axel Stockburger reflects on the Protest Academy
In "Beyond Sound Art: Ear Appeal exhibition
at Kunsthalle Exnergasse."  
dérive N ° 27 (Apr - June / 2007) 
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Module 01: Tactical Audio , a collaboration between the London artist paula roush and the msdm collective,
made available an extensive archive of auditory tactics and strategies of protest ( field recordings of demonstrations, radio broadcasts, auditory interventions, etc.) on records, which turned the
visitors to the exhibition into DJs of the material. 

This Tactical Audio Archive is accessible online and is constantly being expanded with new pieces. As part of the exhibition, a workshop and a radio broadcast took place that dealt with questions about the auditory representation of protest. 

Here, in an exemplary manner, it is made clear
the often overlooked role auditory performance has
for the production of attention in public space,
and at the same time research is carried out into how auditory interventions can be used for protest actions. 


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