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Rob Garrett  reflects
on A Field of Interconnected Realities
part of Auckland City Council’s 
Living Room 2010 public art programme
A Week of Kindness 
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Rob Garrett 
paula roush (UK): Public art project 
Auckland 2010, April 2, 2010


paula roush was invited by Rob Garrett to participate in Auckland City Council’s Living Room 2010 public art programme. The overall curator of Living Room 2010: A Week of Kindness was Pontus Kyander, the then former Manager Public Art.

Max Ernst's 1934 graphic novel Une semaine de bonte (A Week of Kindness) was central to London-based roush's piece, A Field of Interconnected Realities performed in Auckland in March 2010.

Two artists, roush, who was in Auckland, and Maria Lusitano in Sweden, used a webcam to develop a series of interconnected drawings inspired by Ernst's collages. Each session was performed live, mixing hand drawing with the use of sketch-a-graph, a machine that can enlarge and reduce an image while copying it. The drawing performance was networked with webcams and streamed live on the net and projected at Queen Elizabeth II Square in Auckland’s downtown. After the performance the audience was invited to participate and experiment drawing using the sketch-o-graph.

roush performed one live drawing every day for five days and from these sessions, material was produced for a revised "semaine de bonte" artists' book. The artist also presented a public talk and demonstration.


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