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SOS:OK guide
40 pages duo tone 12cmx18cm 120gsm
matte uncoated paper
litho printing: aldgate press
graphic design by ajdin basic and paula roush
based on real life experience
of being fed w/ emergency food
during the wars in bosnia and portugal. 
typeface gyro designed by domen fras
publication date: october 2004 
texts: zeigam azizov, alice park and paula roush

1st edition for SOS:OK

Curated by Frances Coleman
Coleman Project Space London

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 - as [PDF: 18MB]
 - page by page flip 

2nd edition for PUBLIC SERVICES
Curated by Tadej Pogacar
With: Marjetica Potrc, paula roush, Apolonija Sustersic, Anja Planiscek and Tadej Pogacar, Temporary Services
Pavel Haus, Laafeld, Austria and Sparwasser HQ, Berlin

The exhibition Public Services brings together projects by artists and architects whose
works and research deal with problems involving the service sector in contemporary
urban environments. These projects represent a critical consideration of alternative
models of public services, which, ideally, are founded on the principles of openness,
access, equality, participation, mobility, adaptability, and transformativity.
When artists today think about structures and forms in the contemporary city, they think above all about the importance of open communication within urban structures.
By occupying the space that lies between the many different users of cities, corporate capital (and its interests), and the urban structure, they draw attention to processes of degradation and appropriation, borders between public and private, the
de-industrialization and agrarianization of cities, and so on, while developing new
public-service models based on participation, exchange, and solidarity.



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