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vaio road test

'TESTED: vaio road test' (paula roush, teresa paiva and maria lusitano) is a remake of  'royal road test,' 1967 (mason williams, ed ruscha and patrick blackwell). 'vaio road test' documents the throwing of a laptop  from a moving car and the aftermath.



"In a spell of écriture automatique  the machine embraced her destiny:  kiss my code goodbye,  the keyboard typed away as she joined the ancestry of dead media."  

"The dead media upgrade to 'royal road test' "

Date:                Sunday, September 2012
Time:                5: 07 P.M.
Place:               Effra Road 2nd Right Turn (Cul-de-Sac)
travelling South West to Brixton, Tulse Hill London
Weather:         Cloudy
Speed:              30 m.p.h 



TESTED: vaio road test, installation views, The Ed Show, Digital Art Gallery London South Bank University, London UK

At a critical moment of photographic art education in the UK, The Ed Show asks:
What can be gained from looking back into the self-publishing world of Ed Ruscha?
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black & white on cream uncoated paper
high-gloss laminated softcover
perfect binding
13×20 cm
64 Pages