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Wide Load [Bred Last] A House Moved [Husflyttningar]

at Relate North 10: Possible Futures
Symposium & Exhibition 
Yukon University (Yukon School of Visual Arts)
University of the Arctic’s Arctic Sustainable Arts and Design thematic network (ASAD),  and the University of Lapland 
27 - 28 January 2023

The book is a photographic archive and text of a house move in Northern Sweden. It considers the historic, cultural, technical and material significance of wholesale house moving (husflyttningar) in the region, through a single, historic house move in Umeå, 2021. The main frame of analysis is the spatial politics of un-building. It is an investigation of the vernacular mobility of shifting built and occupied forms in relation to a historic and future context of urban reconfiguration, a proposed architecture of de-growth in Northern Sweden.

The visual work explores context through the form of the book itself. It is also a potential model that constructs and translates analysis of the space. It is a collaborative architectural work to document the house move and other spatial productions, models, drawings, and collage of the space beneath and between the ground and house, image projections, exhibitions and events, as public exchange.

Wide Load [Bred Last] A House Moved [Husflyttningar]
Project: Tonia Carless
Editorial design: collaboration paula roush Tonia Carless
Design, layout and bookwork : paula roush
Artist book, paper and mixed media print, 297×420 mm
Published by: msdm publications
ISBN 978-1-7391803-0-0

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