Andreia Alves de Oliveira: River Boats & Inner Thoughts March 21st 2017   ə /uh/-books  project space for material publishing 103 Borough Road London

River Boats & Inner Thoughts is a calendiary of the boats navigating the Thames and  subjective, psychological states.  Issued daily in digital format using the online platform Facebook, it is a work about surveillance (of exterior life and of the self), about the river Thames and its current role in the city, about the relationship between outside and inside. Its scripto-visual form expands on traditional documentary strategies and proposes a comment on the use of social media. The work is published and exhibited in the Recto gallery as a series of (monthly) calendiaries + (free) prints provided daily for the duration of the exhibition. Verso gallery is transformed into a study room giving insight into the research or ‘backstory’ of the project

Andreia Alves de Oliveira  in conversation with mindfulness teacher Andy Paine, exploring the relationships between her work and the practice of mindfulness. Andy talk us through the allegory of Inner thoughts as River Boats and offer a brief experiential taster of meditative awareness practices. Thoughts in the mind are like boats on the river. Allowing them to float by freely enables inner calm and a greater degree of freedom in interacting with the outer world.

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