Rigorosamente Libri Biennale del Libro d'Artisti
Selected by Maddalena Carnaghi and curated by Vito Capone & Gaetano Cristino
Fondazione de Monte Uniti di Foggia
June 8- July 10 2019
Video preview here > Rigorosamente Libri 2019 | IV edizione
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Strictly Books … by Artists
Fourth edition of "Rigorosamente Libri", an international biennial exhibition dedicated to the Artist's Book.

Seventy-one artists of different nationalities, a rich exhibition made possible thanks to the collaboration, with the curators, of a group of experts, artists, art historians, archives of artists' books and gallery owners (Laura Anfuso, Maddalena Carnaghi, Alfonso Filieri, Raffaella Lupi, Teresa Pollidori and Stefania Severi).
"The exhibition highlights one of the assumptions at its base - said one of the curators, Gaetano Cristino - and that is that the artist's book cannot be harnessed in a 'genre', but constitutes, as Giorgio Maffei (one of the greatest connoisseurs of the matter) believed, a 'polyform object'. It is a book that transgresses the rules of the book to become form / space / theater of the most daring artistic variations, where writing and image, the substance and the tactile values ​​of the many materials used (from paper to wood to glass to stone to metals), also innovative and "strange", and many voices (of the poet, of the painter, of the sculptor, of the engraver, of the photographer …), they chase each other, confront each other, exclude each other, recompose themselves, dialogue, and become an infinite alchemical process of ever new relationships and achievements that manage to even tie past and present and speak to the user of the problematic reality of the world, and of their individuality, even when the pages are white or closed by the cover. And the exhibition itself has privileged the free approach to the works - the curator concluded -, without suggestions of diachronic readings or thematic or technical aggregations or related to materials: the exhibition is the historical precipitate of the individuality of the artists and is the uniqueness of their passions, their meditations, which each work must give back to us ".