The Lisbon-based Feminist University has just launched the much anticipated ebook Feminist Routes: Challenging The Times [Percursos Feministas: Desafiar Os Tempos]. 

The texts collected in this book reflect  speakers' interventions in the Feminist University (UF), in its first year of existence (2013-2014). They mirror reflections and experiences, personal and collective, of people committed to feminism, combining academic knowledge with activism. This is the ethos of the Feminist University, a non-formal forum for discussion and dissemination of knowledge, which seeks to combine old and new generations of people committed to "change lives."  (from the editors text)
Check the table of contents here (PDF). I have contributed an essay from my presentation Schistime: Time that has already been time [Xis Tempo Tempo que já foi tempo: um preâmbulo em dois capítulos] about my site-specific project in the Schist Villages working with the women in the village and the photobooks that came out of it. It was delivered during the symposium The Uses of Time [Os usos do tempo] with Cristina L. Duarte [No campo das ideias (feministas)], Heloísa Perista [Um olhar feminista sobre os usos do tempo], Gisela Miravent [Os usos do tempo] and Manuel Sampaio [oral presentation only].

The ebook is available online: