Order and Collapse: The Lives of Archives
Editors: Gunilla Knape, Niclas Östlind, Louise Wolthers, Tyrone Martinsson,
Art & Theory Stockholm  2016
paula roush: Chaos of memories- Surviving archives and the ruins of history according to the found photo foundation [read here]

The texts and artworks in Order and Collapse represent a selection of contemporary artistic and research-based approaches to existing archives, the act of collecting images and creating new archives.

The normative order and authoritarian use of conventional archives has long been criticised. This book explores the current digitally informed transformation and multiplication of archives with their increase in both accessibility and the amount of data produced, stored, and circulated. Despite improved search capabilities, docu­ments – including photographs and other images – are in danger of sinking into oblivion. However, new knowledge, connotations and materialities are also emerging.

The book is published by Stockholm-based Art and Theory Publishing as part of Negative,  a series of publications that critically review and ana­lyse the practices, histories, and aesthetics of photographic culture. Negative is a collaboration between the Hasselblad Foundation, Valand Academy at the University of Gothenburg, and Art and Theory Publishing.