Found Photo Foundation/FPF, newspaper
published for the exhibition
Dear Aby Warburg: What can be done with images?
Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Siegen
2 December 2012- 3 March 2013
newsprint, colour, digital print, 29cm ×38 cm, 36 pages
Essay by Tanja Verlak: "An attempt at exhausting an archive / Found Photo Foundation"
msdm publications
available here

FPF #1 contributors: Will Ainsworth, Louise Bargus, Amy Bolland, Emma Chandler, Bradley Chippington, Sam Farman, Daniella Fedele, Valeria Gaeta, Melissa Kasilian, Lucinda King, Alexia Michalos, Liam Mulligan, Joshua Murray, Martyn Odell, Carlotta Paolieri, Rebecca Prideaux, Ieashia Sealy‐Jewiss, Sara Soupdemots, Ida Stigard, Lou Stevens, Tom Valentine, Laura Voss, Brogan Watt, Harvey Brown, Daniel Paul Davis, Sophie Green, Marija Protokova, Jennifer Browne, Holly Dawson, Yoana Doycheva, Sophie Engledew, Hannah Marie Maden, Malgorzata Sokolowska, Michelle Vickerman, Wesley Wise, Cara Morgan-Butler, Natalie Dawes, Laura Moss, Andreas Obexer, Daniel Olivier, Ivaylo Karaivanov, Louise Mcmorran, Tibor Pischinger, Vladimir Studenic, Vivian Truong, Rachel Moss, Ayla Theydon-Payne.

The found photo foundation, set up to rescue work produced by professional, amateur, and anonymous photographers,  has a focus on photography found in flee markets and car boot sales from Lisbon and London, whilst containing additional photographs found world-wide.

The photographs are organised in informal thematic archives, and open to the public in workshops where the contents are made available for editorial and  publishing projects. More about the found photo foundation here