Héloïse Bergman: The Dying Art Guest Lecture + Private view March 28th 2017 ə /uh/-books  project space for material publishing 103 Borough Road London


The Dying art refers to two participatory photobookworks presented in a double installation.

‘Tā Moko - Modern Māori Warriors’, documents the revival of Māori facial tattooing in New Zealand, focusing on tā moko as a symbol of reclaimed cultural identity in the context of post colonial society. In the context of the Page-turner photobook publishing workshop with the V&A Academy and the School of Arts and Creative Industries Héloïse has produced a new two-volume photozine.

‘The Dying Art of Smoking’ is a photographic exploration of the visual language of smoking, in which Héloise observes the personal gestures that express a smoker's relationship to cigarettes and the viewer. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the ban on smoking in enclosed public spaces and work places in England. To mark this anniversary, Héloïse has produced a limited edition leporello book exploring the current smoking subculture.

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