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msdm publications is thrilled to announce its collaboration with the 5th issue of JORNAL , centered around the theme of 'Publishing as a Protest Practice.' This collaboration includes an insert derived from the 2023 photozine, 'Government Studies.'
 29 October  16.30h, STET Drawing Room, Lisbon 




Perhaps the first artist to consider publication as a form of protest was Goya when he created "Disasters of War,” which he engraved between 1810 and 1820, depicting the Napoleonic invasions. Goya passed away in 1828, and it wasn't until 1863 that the work was published due to its explicit and anti-heroic nature, with a print run of over a thousand copies of the complete series. The title of the work, handwritten by the author, is "Fatales consequencias de la sangrenta guerra em España com Buonaparte" (Fatal Consequences of the Bloody War in Spain with Buonaparte).

In the visual arts, we only see publication as protest again 100 years later in the manifestos published by the avant-gardes in the early 20th century, with Marinetti's "words in freedom" (Futurist Manifesto, 1909) defended in a controversial and revolutionary tone.

In a time of urgency, we invited artists Tiago Baptista and Paula Ferreira for Issue 5 of the newspaper to contemplate publication as a form of protest in the format of a visual essay. This results in a story about the capacity of literary production to generate effective resistance and tells the life of the American writer and anthropologist Zora Neale Hurston, born in Eatonville, a small community founded by formerly enslaved people who had become free in the southern United States.

Artist and educator paula roush proposes another visual essay, "Government Studies," based on the protests and strikes by teachers in London during the past academic year. She embarked on a journey of reading placards with her students from the London South Bank University, which resulted in the publication of a photozine by the publisher msdm (mobile strategies of display and mediation), paula roush's home/studio/gallery.

José Marmeleira, an educator, journalist, and cultural critic, is the author of the text "Publishing a protest is not making a post," in which, with the support of Hito Steyerl and Hannah Arendt, he reflects on protest, publication, and public space.

Joana Rita, a final-year student in the Master's in Fine Arts program at ESAD.CR, is the author of the text "Quatro Rodas de Manifesto" (Four Wheels of a Manifesto). As Alex Danchev mentions in the introduction to the book "100 Artists' Manifestos," writing a manifesto is an act of optimism and resilience.



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