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Lisbon Photobook Fair


Arquivo Municipal de Lisboa
25 - 27 November 2022

This weekend at the Lisbon Photobook Fair we are proud to present a selection of
the latest msdm publications.

FLOATING FALLACY (2022) by Swapnil Patil
A book alerting to the nefarious way sea species are threatened by the rising pollution of the oceans. A French-doors double pamphlet structure depicts the confrontation of sea creatures with plastic bags, interspersed with a narrative pamphlet challenging the anthropocentric supremacy and positioning the humans in the place of the fish.  

WATER PRINTS (2022) by paula roush
An archive of experiments testing the interaction of prints with water, and varied painting and paper folding techniques. These liquid methodologies, developed around the creation of monoprints emphasise personal process and ecological interconnectedness. 

liquid memories ~to read with water (2022)
A collective photobook work, an assemblage of experimental photo-texts that respond to the challenge of photographing/remembering with water.
Photographs and words : Maria João Ferreira, paula roush, Betina Dal Molin Juglair, Francisco Varela, Miguel Marecos, Joana Nascimento, David Goldenberg, Raul Simões Pinto, NDMALO archive, Alice WR, Teresa Huertas, Carla Fragata, Manuela Matos Monteiro, Luís Carvalhal, Natércia Caneira, João de Goes, Inês R. Amado, Eduardo Sousa Ribeiro, Ana Botelho, Manuela Vaz, Renato Roque, Eliane Velozo and Severino Iaba, Susana Paiva, Mide Plácido

The expanded practice of the artist’s book: Immersion in the artist’s museum ((2022)
by Francisco Varela
How do we recognise an artist’s book when it becomes an expanded practice?
Is the same method of sourcing, research and display of materials used in books and collections alike? Can the space where the book is made and exhibited be considered an artist’s museum? These were Francisco Varela initial questions when he saw the Blackchapel bookwork at msdm house-studio-gallery in London

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