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TITLE: Paintball field (hardcover edition)
Author: paula roush
MEDIUM: photobook
PAGES: 30 
DIMENSIONS: 29.7 x 21.5 cm
PAPER: Silk  90gsm
BINDING: hardcover
PROCESS: toner
COLOUR: Black and white 
TEXT: Paintball safety rules 
PUBLISHER: msdm publications
ISBN: 978-0-9553793-9-0
YEAR: 2018

Paintball Field was made during a residency in the ‘schist’ mountain villages of Portugal. The area has become depopulated and is now being developed as a destination for tourists. The title of the work refers to a local recreation area where visiting families come with their children to play war games using guns firing balls of paint. The photographs conjure up a hunting scene in which a female figure wearing a cork mask – resembling those that were used by the original villagers during carnival – is being pursued. More than a simple ironic take on violence and war, the work draws on ethnographic connotations, evoking a dramatic encounter between the rural traditions of the past and present-day cultural practices


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