msdm a nomadic house-studio-gallery for photographic art and curatorial research, an expanded practice of the artist's book, photobook publishing and peer-to-peer collaboration created by contemporary artist paula roush

TITLE PROJECT: Photobook Pop-up #3
AUTHOR: paula roush collab
with Alejandro Acin and 2nd year
Photography at the School of Arts
and Creative Industries
(London South Bank University) 
MEDIUM: Pop-up project space 
for photobook publishing
LOCATION: London Rd Solutions Centre
126 London Road SE1 (Elephant & Castle)
London South Bank University
Elephant & Castle  campus 
DATE: May 15-18, 2018

Project space dedicated to the presentation of photobook
publishing projects within an experimental exploration of photographic research and publishing practice.
Double launch of Pigeon Press (photobook
dummies and editions created during Self-publishing and
the Photobook module), with the parallel exhibition 
Unveil’d Presents,  programme of talks and presentations
curated by Tom Coleman at the Borough Rd Gallery.

For more information on the Photobook PopUp project space for photobook publishing, see here.

For other editions of the Photobook PopUp 
Photobook Pop-up #1, see here.
Photobook Pop-up #2, see here.



Pigeon Press:
Amelia Attle
Raluca Babos
Emma Bircham
Razvan Bronda
Iga Cegielko
Jemima Charrett-Dykes
Anesha Darling
Katharine Gentry
Bethany Gwynne
Isabella Hewlett
Peter Di-Mola Jordan
Toby Hinds
Charlotte Joseph
Tomasz Klimara
Mollie Lyons
Samrawit Mihreteab
Jai Mills
Daisy Morey
Micah Morgan
Joshua Pilkington
Regan Ross
Dan Sargent
Jean-Charles Sibanda
Megan Smallshaw
Ryan Sparkes
Aleksandra Stepka
Sam Sutton
Sarah Teacy
Isaac Watson
Esin Yakar 

+ Guests: 
Pippa Healy
Heloise Bergman
Lara Gonzalez
Sara Joy
Brenny Dyes
Wendy Elliott.



Tomasz Klimara: Desolated Landscapes
SELF-PUBLISHING AND THE PHOTOBOOK Twelve-week photobook publishing workshop
Kate Gentry: 5 senses a day keeps the panic attacks away
Jemima Charrett-Dykes: 3 heads in 1
Sam Sutton: Bed Time Stories, 2018
SELF-PUBLISHING AND THE PHOTOBOOK Twelve-week photobook publishing workshop
Peter Di-Mola Jordan: Brainstorm
Samrawit Mihreteab: Playground
Dan Sargent: AAA
Raluca Babos: The Visitors


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photobook publishing  and peer - to - peer collaborations 


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