SOS:OK guide + SOS:OK biscuit

SOS:OK guide
40 pages duo tone 12cmx18cm 120gsm matte uncoated paper
litho printing: aldgate press
graphic design by ajdin basic and paula roush based on real life experience of being fed w/ emergency food during the wars in bosnia and portugal. 
typeface gyro designed by domen fras
publication date: october 2004 
texts: zeigam azizov, alice park and paula roush

SOS:OK biscuit

Nutritional biscuit designed for mock and real emergency food relief operations Contains: butter, sugar and flour, pre-cooked and compacted into biscuit form
Can be eaten dry (as a biscuit) or in the form of porridge made by crushing SOS:OK into drinking water, milk, tea or coffee.
Distribute either in mock emergency training operations (food relief, anti-terror exercises) to test readiness for emergency food relief operation or in response to real crises when food must be distributed for immediate survival needs.
Can be used by both collective structures (art galleries, museums, temporary feeding centres and community organisations) or by families and individuals. Developed for all situations of food scarcity, real and imagined.
Use as biscuit: Targeted distribution to emergency exercise volunteers or general distribution to displaced populations in humanitarian crisis. Dry ration for children in feeding centres, survival ration in case of total scarcity.
Use as porridge: Crush the biscuits into boiled drinking water or milk, cold or luke-warm and mix well. Use 200 ml of liquid for 2 biscuits
Should be eaten slowly, well chewed. 
Article to be justified: Reserved for simulated food relief operations or real emergency situations.
Note: SOS:OK Emergency Biscuit should not be used as a replacement for customary daily food, or in long-term feeding programmes if ordinary customary food is available.
1st edition (for Coleman Project Space) Valid from: 08-31/10/2004