msdm a nomadic house-studio-gallery for photographic art and curatorial research, an expanded practice of the artist's book, photobook publishing and peer-to-peer collaboration created by contemporary artist paula roush

msdm's wateryquery 
at the London Conference in Critical Thought
Greenwich University London June 28 -29

London Conference in Critical Thought
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Greenwich University Stockwell Street Building

Date and time
June 28 · 9:30am - June 29 · 5pm

We're presenting wateryquery SATURDAY June 29
Panel 4: Bodies of/and Water 09:30-11:00

Part of the stream: Watery Speculations
curated by Lucy Sames

Watery Speculations is one of the biggest streams in the conference this year, with 19 contributors divided between 6 themed panels across the two days. This stream explores feminist, queer and posthuman approaches to thinking about water – as materiality, metaphor and methodology – foregrounding the contingent nature and disruptive qualities of the liquid for creative practice.

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Critical Thought follows a nonhierarchical model that seeks to foster opportunities for intellectual critical exchanges where all are treated equally regardless of affiliation or seniority. There are no keynotes and the conference is envisaged as a FREE (no cost) space for those who share intellectual approaches and interests but may find themselves on the margins of their academic department or disciplines

msdm presents two projects, 'liquid memories' and 'Follow Y/Our River,' that explore the methodology of wateryquery, in two open bookworks which emerged from artistic research with water. Drawing insights from new materialism and hydrofeminist models of wet historical time, this approach challenges the repression of wetness in photographic and publishing practices.

Fluid liquids offer a model for time, space, and matter in relational flux, a relational ontology dissolving the distinctions between human and non-human, bodies and water.

Focusing on physical waters rather than metaphors of liquid photographic data flows or liquid books, we pay attention to specific ways in which waters mark their motion on paper surfaces.

The movement between these two figurations—analogies of water in printing processes and revelations of the world through printed pages—allows us to read, archive, and publish photographic images through wet photoprints
and publications.

The methodology of wateryquery is an incremental process of formulating the implicit and includes a step-by-step guided exercise to help us figure our bodies of water. In this method, there is a focusing moment of connection with our liquid bodies, the intricacy of our watery memories. The words 'watery' and 'enquiry' join together to form a new word that doesn’t feature in standard dictionaries and suggests a felt sense of enquiring with water.



Panel 4: Bodies of/and Water

Bryony Gillard
My Wits or Salts

paula roush

Kirsten Cooke
Aqueous Humours Fluid Ground

Panel 5: Adrift

Gabriele Nasole
Drifting Senses: Freediving and Sensorial Fluidity
as Methodologies

Angela Davies

Susie Olczak

Panel 6: Queer and Multispecies Imaginings

Sam Godfrey
Wet glitches and digital kelp:
trans ecologies as methodology

Andrea Khôra

I Know

Carl Gent
Linda Stupart
echo / ecco


FRIDAY June 28

Panel 1: Oceanic Zones

Ifor Duncan, Sonia Levy |Masteries of the Deep

Mae Lubetkin
Reorientating subsea vision: geologies of digital imaging and oceanic imaginaries

Klara Kofen
Liquid Exit: maritories, sanctuaries and sovereignties|

Panel 2: Mythic Waterways

Isabelle Donetch
Fluvial imaginaries as method: Navigating Santiago’s
imbunched identity

Rebecca Goddard
Salt Rhyne; brackish methodologies and slow seeping

Hat Fidkin
‘Ts’ono’ot’ or, Cenote - a Hydrofeminist Study of the Yucatan’s Watery Underworld|

Panel 3: Extinction

Kate McMillan
The River’s Stomach|

Caroline Wright
Drifting Ecologies: Embodied relationships to a destabilised coastline|

Ally Yanxiu Luo
Oysters & (Post-)Extinction Thoughts on Future




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