msdm a nomadic house-studio-gallery for photographic art and curatorial research, an expanded practice of the artist's book, photobook publishing and peer-to-peer collaboration created by contemporary artist paula roush

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msdm + friends at the London Art Book Fair 2018 
with: Afterall, Akerman Daly, AND, Aperture, Archive Books, Archive of Modern Conflict, Are Not Books & Publications, Art / Books, Baron, Behind the X, Blue Horses, Broken Dimanche Press, Marcus Campbell, Chelsea Space, Common Books,Common Editions, Concentric Editions, Copy Press, Design for Today,Samuel Dominguez Zegers, Egidija & George, The Everyday Press, Faceless Artist, Fitzcarraldo Editions, Four Corners Books,Antonio Freiles – Spazio Libro d’Artista, Clare Gasson, Marian Goodman Gallery, GOST Books, Hoxton Mini Press, Independents United, JENNINGS/NIEDERBERGER, Laurence King, Kiss and Tell Press, Leonie Lachlan, Lalata, Less Than 500, Lisson Gallery, London Centre for Book Arts, Sara Mackillop, MAMA Books, Ruth Martin, MIT Press, Motto, msdm, National Portrait Gallery, object permanence, Occasional Papers, Oh!, David O’Mara, OOMK, ottoGraphic, Overlapse Photobooks, Mark Pawson, PrintRoom,Publication Studio, Redfoxpress, James Reid, Setsuko, Batool Showghi, Spiralbound / Susak Press, Studio SFCH, Summer Forest X Ju Hee, Tara Books, United Vagabonds, Unpatient, Valiz, Walden Press, We are Publication, Hans Weyers, Whitechapel Gallery, Wunderkammer Press, YAO E, Zabludowicz Collection, David Zwirner Books
6 - 9 September 2018

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Venture Community photobook project

ACAVA’s project in partnership with the Venture Community Association was designed to provide local people in north Kensington with the opportunity to engage in a creative, active and social activity; getting people moving, thinking creatively, reducing social isolation and improving wellbeing. The photobook project ran for 10 weeks in which paula worked with 10 local people (18+) once a week to develop a body of work for photobook publishing.

The project was free to attend and open to all skill levels, and took place at the Venture Centre (photobook workshops) and in the local area of Westbourne Grove /Golborne Rd (street photography)







Instruction [45m]


Venture Community Association

Outside Activity in the local area



Week 1


24 Sept

Self-publishing; photography books based on walking/ photographing places and spaces; identifying methods used by the photographers (types of walks, points of views, photographic technique: manual vs. automatic exposure, etc) Walk #2


Walk in the neighbourhood, exploring a method to capture photographs; aim: to produce 1st book dummy

Week 2


1 Oct

The book-dummy: a tool for visual thinking; the digital book dummy (using in design software) and the physical book dummy (using paper and scissors); advantages of a hybrid approach, combining the digital with the handmade Walk #2


Each participant to carry on developing and defining their personal point of view

Tips for camera work

Week 3


8 Oct

Photography and the visual structure of the photobook: working with groups, series and sequences. How to work with collections of photographs. Walk #3


Apply the ideas of series as linear progression and sequence as non-linear story telling to a photographic expedition in the neighbourhood; the walk is preceded by planning and the photographs adhere to the plan (rather than being spontaneous)

Week 4


15 Oct

Digital tools for photobook design: how to prepare the photographs to print. Essential tools in Photoshop. Walk #4


Development of photographic technique (urban photography)


Week 5


22 Oct

Analogue tools for photobook design: hand-bound books Walk #5


Development of photographic technique (urban photography)


Week 6


29 Oct

Printing using laser and inkjet printers; work with different paper samples Walk #6


Development of photographic technique (urban photography)


Week 7


5 Nov

Printing using laser and inkjet printers; work with different paper samples Walk #7


Development of photographic technique (urban photography)


Week 8


19 Nov

Support with photobook production Walk #8


Development of photographic technique (urban photography)


Week 9


3 Dec

Support with photobook production Walk #9


Development of photographic technique (urban photography)


Week 10


10 Dec

Finalising photobook editions Walk #10


Development of photographic technique (urban photography)





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kaleid 2015


On July 18, nothing to undo is exhibited in Kaleid Editions 2015 at the  London Art Academy. Additional  dates will follow: the London Art Book Fair (Whitechapel gallery, 10th-13th September) and  the seminar Printmaking in the Expanded Field (Oslo National Academy of the Arts, 15th-18th September)

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Short listed for the Kassel Fotobookfestival 2015


nothing to undo has been shortlisted for the Kassel Fotobookfestival 2015 and is on tour

Fotobookfestival, Kassel: June 4-7
Fotoleggendo, Rome: June 5-27
IED, Madrid: June 10-19
PhotoIreland, Dublin: July 1-31
Kaunas Photo, Kaunas: Sept 1-6
Fotobok Festival, Fotogalleriet, Oslo: Sept 11-20
Encontros da Imagem, Braga: Sept 15-31
Fotobok Gbg 15, Göteborg: Sept 24-27
Fotoistanbul, Istanbul: Oct 9-Nov 8

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photo book thing





photo book thing

flip-through reception

thursday 14 may   4-8 pm

digital gallery 103 borough road SE10AA london



arturas bondarciukas

lisa drew

johnny symeou

kate clement

stefan cottrell

indie nelson

hannah hewitt

libby davies

maria hargreaves

sam taylor

joshua crawley

emily carver

alex maria

ivan tereschenko

paula roush

the exhibition>

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nothing to undo (book dummy)

I'm currently working on the book dummy for Nothing To Undo, a project photographed in 2011 in a journey between Malmo and Stockholm. Always thought as a photographic collection for a photobook ( as opposed to an installation, as it could happen) it is taking fours years of editing and turning it upside down, for it  to become the body of work it inhabits today.   Printed A3 and folded into A4, it combines french and japanese binding, in a fragmented layout that might encapsulate the theme of migration and double vision (H.Bhabba).  Now that I have settled for a (even if open and flexible) photographic layout, I am looking at the spatial interface of photos and language. The text is written by Maria Lusitano (also featured in some of the photos) and my aim is to place it in a graphic relationship in which photos and text essay each other. Not to use the text as captions that anchor the photos' meaning but to create a productive friction/ conflict between photography and language.


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