Each work in the Orphan series explores a particular approach to publishing the printed material in the Found Photo Foundation collection. 


Flora McCallica, photobook with collage of orphan photos sourced from Found Photo Foundation. A set dated 1958 found in Lisbon flea market and a 1920s herbarium (Herbarium Britannicum) discarded by London Kew Gardens. 32 pages  38 x 26 cm, laser printed black & white corona offset 120 gsm.
More about the photobook work here 


Lisbon Vernacular sources from three domestic porn photo albums, found in the offices of Lisbon’s leading telecommunications company and currently part of Found Photo Foundation collections. More info about the photobook work here


BUS-SPOTTING + A STORY is a 4-part photo-essay with photographs from the Found Photo Foundation. Parts 1 and 2 (Bus Ride) comprise a sequence of 32 photographs in the form of twin books, split in images of double and single-decker buses. Part 3 (A Story) uses  text and image with reference to the genre of photo-romance. Part 4 (Transport Enthusiasts) elucidates the raison d’être of the overall work, as well as the context in which the photographs were taken, through correspondence with one of the original photographers.108 pages
4 separate books (B&W, duotone and colour). More on the photobook here