Paper and fabric monotone xerox prints with paintball art
(two colours), plus wearables and props
Photographs printed with Monochrome Océ Laser on Xerox Bond paper & shot with paintball gun by GBH (two tones) 84.1 x 118.9 cm each
msdm gallery

Photoworks printed monotone with laser toner on xerox paper and linen
shot (two tones) with a paintball gun (collaboration with GBH)
wearables with photoworks printed onto silk and cotton
props, foam and mannequin installed on metal and wood structures 
Installation views of the exhibition PAINTBALL FIELD (3,06 billion cycles per second)
Installation commissioned by Barreiro Photography Month at AMAC
Red Gallery Auditório Municipal Augusto Cabrita 1 Nov  2018 – 10 Feb 2019


Photographed in the Góis Paintball Field
Schist Villages of Góis, Portugal with paintball
equipment and local handmade folk masks

28 pages
available in 2 sizes 20 x 28.5 cm (A4 page size) / 14x 20 cm (A5 page size)
laser printed black & white
canon ivory paper 80gsm
hand-bound, 3-hole pamphlet stitch
photography and design: paula roush
edition of 100
released 2018
msdm publications

Further reading:
paula roush
Paintball Field: Time that has already been time – a preamble in two chapters
Excerpt from the presentation of the project
Seminar The Uses of Time,Feminist University
Lisbon December 18, 2013.

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