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1. Introduction: publishing in terms of
personal development and professional growth
2. artists publications/ artists books/ book arts:
some references

1. Introduction: publishing in terms of
personal development and  professional growth




Publication as artwork: 
archive of the project
and take-away  multiple



publication as research:
residency, artist as editor



Publication as exhibition
and curatorial project

2. artists publications/ artists' books/ book art/ publishing as artistic practice: some references

Artists' publications network


Artists' publications in the Centre for Artists' Publications


Artists’ publications include
all forms of expression
endeavored by artists
with potential multiplication
in mind
—released either
by the artists themselves,
that is,through self-publication,
or by a publisher...

The term “artists’ publications”
is used as an umbrella phrase
for all forms of published artworks.
(over 20 different genres):

artists’ books, multiples,
book objects,
artists’ newspapers and magazines,
ephemera such as posters and
invitations designed by artists,
photo editions, postcards, stamps,
stickers, graphic artworks,
Xerox copies, stamp artworks,
sound art (on records, cassette tapes,
audio CDs), radio art,
multimedia editions on CD-ROM
and DVD, artists’ videos and films,
net art and computer art.


The low pricing of these works
has actually been intentional,
since anyone interested should
have the opportunity to
acquire a work of art

The organization of the production, distribution, and sales of reproduced artworks was realized with artistic independence, the autonomy of the artist becoming the declared goal

In addition, cooperative working structures like collaborative artworks, assemblings, and magazines were characteristic for large realms of artistic work.

Victoria and Albert Museum
National Art Library


The Library at the V&A

Artists' Books catalogue
[msdm at the ]NAL catalogue 

Study guide on Artists' Books:

Artists' books are books made
or conceived by artists. 

Artists' books that maintain
the traditional structure of
a book are often known as
book art or bookworks,
while those that reference
the shape of a book are
known as book objects

[[book objects: kyliestillman' s work"]

In the 1950s and 1960s
Swiss-German artist
Dieter Roth (1930–98)
and American artist
Ed Ruscha (1937–)
created conceptual works
which are considered
the foundation
of the artists' book genre.  




Dieter Roth (1930–98)

examination, through bookworks, of the formal qualities of books themselves.

 2 Bilderbücher (1957)  consists of two picture books of geometric shapes with die-cut holes cut into each page to allow glimpses of patterns from the pages beneath. 




Ed Ruscha (1937–) 

The book ... not intended as a means for the reproduction of pre-existing photographs, but rather as an artwork in its own right. As the piece retains the essential characteristics of a book, such as the idea of seriality and sequence provided by the turning of pages, it is considered central to the development of the genre. 


Book Arts at the Centre for Fine Print Research (CFPR), University of the West of England, Bristol, UK

‘book arts’: inclusive term under which all those working with the book format, in its many guises, may be classified.

this includes all works surrounding and related to the subject – such as ’zines, multiples, livres de luxe, livres d’artistes, pamphlets, altered and reconfigured books, sculptural works, unique books, downloads, e-books, mobile phone-based books, blogs, Bluetooth, video, podcasts, performance,
and ephemera such as badges, stickers and postcards –and allows the genre to extend its previous limits.


A Manifesto for the Book
Sarah Bodman
and Tom Sowden (2010)






The Book Arts Newsletter

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Clive Phillpot's Artists’ Books
"Fruit Salad" Diagram, 1982?.


Johanna Drucker
The Century of Artists’ Books (1995)

artists' books as a "zone of activity" 


[2012] Alessandro Ludovico
Post-Digital Print: the mutation of
publishing since 1894

[pdf here]



[2016] Annette Gilbert (ed.)
Publishing as Artistic Practice

>>[2016]  Antoine Lefebvre
Portrait of the Artist as a Publisher:
Publishing as an Alternative
Artistic Practice
[pdf here]

[2016]  Antoine Lefebvre

ARTZINES #2 – Broadside Essay
[pdf here]

PHIL (book project)
[pdf here]



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