msdm  studio and gallery is an artist-run space for photographic practice in exhibitions, workshops and publishing, currently based in Woowich, South East London. 

The studio’s tactical collaborations with artists, theorists and cultural organisations, build bridges between creative practice and the ‘everyday’ experience of visual communication – from food and fashion, to health and well-being, education and space regeneration

As an independent publisher, msdm has a focus on publishing as photographic practice. msdm publications  investigate the ontology of the photobookwork:
an emerging object at the intersection of artist’s book (affordable, self-published work with the artist in full control of conceptual and editorial strategies) and the photobook (with its immersive exploration of printed photography in the printed page ).

msdm studio, Artillery Place (2019) and Electric House (2018)

(…) like the artists’ studios analysed by Jenny Sjöholm (11) my studio can be seen as an experimental archive in itself, with all types of collected objects being taken out and incorporated into installations set-ups, silkscreen prints, photozines and other practices that translate the contents of the storage boxes into new patterns that further loose its connection to its original site of production. Thus, not surprisingly, it is frequently impossible to identify the provenance of the photographs on display in any of my installations.

Extract from: 
paula roush: Chaos of memories- Surviving archives and the ruins of history according to the found photo foundation [text  here]
In Order and Collapse: The Lives of Archives
Editors: Gunilla Knape, Niclas Östlind, Louise Wolthers, Tyrone Martinsson,
Art & Theory Stockholm  2016

 11 Jenny Sjöholm, “The Art Studio As Archive: Tracing The Geography of Artistic Potentiality, Progress and Production,” Cultural Geographies 21(3, 2014), 505– 514