msdm a nomadic house-studio-gallery for photographic art and curatorial research, an expanded practice of the artist's book, photobook publishing and peer-to-peer collaboration created by contemporary artist paula roush
"figuring liquid memories::: mobile aesthetics of wateryquery" by paula roush
"Torn, Folded, Curled: Orphan photographs sourced from the Arab Image Foundation Crafting an archaeology of the recent past, one photobook work at a time" by paula roush
"The past persists in the present in the form of a dream" (participatory architectures, archive and revolution) by paula roush
"SUPER-PRIVATE" A conversation between PR (paula roush) and EPS, the anonymous donor of the EPS collection
"Chaos of Memories: Surviving Archives and the Ruins of History According to the Found Photo Foundation" by paula roush
"A field (of interconnected realities) or The Week of mash-up goodness" by paula roush & maria lusitano
" Migratory aesthetics / travelling concepts / epistemology of the nomadic place" by paula roush
" treebook, waterbook, snowbook, lightbook and lovebook of the year" by paula roush
"Atlantus Newspapers: An ocean between high- and low-brow indie publishing," conversation between paula roush, Martin Toft and Gareth Syvret
"Blame your parents: Doing it yourself with vintage film cameras + good old paper zines"
"The scales of publishing," conversation between paula roush and lara gonzalez,
paula roush, Xistorias/ SchisTime, exhibition view, msdm studios at Grange Walk, London

Percursos Feministas: Desafiar os tempos.
Eduarda Ferreira, Isabel Ventura, Luísa Rego, Manuela Tavares, Maria Antónia Pires de Almeida (Eds) 
Lisbon: UMAR/Universidade Feminista, 2015. pp 74-83 Ebook


Multitudes magazine special Issue: the art-TV clash/ Channel TV
Britta Peters (Ed.) at the Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof Hamburg
in partnership with Halle für Kunst Lüneburg and cneai, 2010


ISEA 2011 Istanbul Conference proceedings. Presented at the ISEA the 17th International Symposium
on Electronic Art; Istanbul: Sabanci University, 2011


in Mundos Locais Local Worlds. Eds. paula roush & Lucia Marques. Lagos: Centro Cultural de Lagos, 2008. p.74-
Available at Gulbenkian Art Library [see CATALOGUE]


In Educational social software for context-aware learning: collaborative methods and human interaction. Eds Niki Lambropoulos and Margarida Romero. Hershey, PA: IGI Global. 2009

From webcamming to social life-logging: intimate performance in the surveillant-sousveillant space. 

In Conspiracy Dwellings: Surveillance in Contemporary Art. Eds. Pam Skelton and Outi Remes. Cambridge Scholars Publishing. 2010.


Anarchitexts: Voices from the Global Digital Resistance Autonomedia 2004 


in Photographies Journal, Vol. 2 Photography and Education Special Issue and Symposium Issue.
Eds. Andrew Dewdney and Martin Lister. Taylor & Francis.  2009.


in the grip of the panopticon (dear Emília)
HETERO video programme
Museu Nacional de Arte Contemporânea –
Museu do Chiado, Lisboa, April 9 – June 30 2013

 The Book Dispersed exhibition, Casa das Artes Porto

Unstable Media (paula roush, Margarida
Carvalho, Ana Carvalho & Sofia Ponte)
Unstable Media, constructions and disruptions.
In Portuguese Small Press Yearbook 2017 
Catarina Figueiredo Cardoso & Isabel Baraona (eds)
Portuguee Small Press Year Book, Lisbon 2017


in: Catlow, R. and Garrett, G. (eds.)   Collaboration and freedom -
the world of free and open source art. London  2011: Furtherfield and Arts Council England. [Online].


Variant Magazine Issue 10, Spring 2000
Supplement: The Non Place Urban Realm, South London Gallery (SLG)

Peckham, London, August 1999


amigas + freudinnen + amies + girlfriends (10 questions to paula roush)
ProjectoMap, Mapa de Artistas de Portugal [see ZINE



In Ann Demeester, Lawrence Perrillat, Mircea Cantor (Eds)
Global Tour: Art Travel & Beyond: An exhibition based on research and
a concept by Amiel Grumberg, 
[book section here]
Get Global Tour publication here
Global Tour exhibition at W139 online archive here



Membrana Magazine Vol. 2, no. 2 2017 Cabinet Issue
Online: April 1, 202 [read here


conversation between paula roush and Amy Warwick
On the occasion of the exhibition Blame your parents 
[a photozine of post-teenage years]
ə-books #3 zine 
ə-books project space for photobook publishing
September 14th- October 12th 2016

Ə-Books #2 Martin Toft and Gareth Syvret: Atlantus


conversation between paula roush, Martin Toft and Gareth Syvret
On the occasion of the exhibition Atlantus A transoceanic photography project
ə-books #2 zine
ə-books project space for photobook publishing
June 28th- August 28th 2016

Lara Gonzalez: made and published (Procreate Project)


conversation between paula roush and Lara Gonzalez
On the occasion of the exhibition made and published 
[ProCreate Project]
ə-books #1 zine
ə-books project space for photobook publishing
May 25th- June 24th 2016

paula roush
Intimate TV: Webcamming &
Social Life-logging In the Surveillant-Sousveillant Space
@ ISEA2011, [spectre] 2011

paula roush From webcamming to social life-logging:
intimate performance in the surveillant-sousveillant space. 
In Pam Skelton and Outi Remes (ed.)
Conspiracy dwellings: surveillance in contemporary art,
Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2010

Mark Howarth-Booth 
Conspiracy Dwellings 
Aperture magazine, Issue 192, Fall 2008

[featured project: CCTV ECSTASY]

Bob Dickinson
KISSS Kinship International Strategy on Surveillance and Suppression 
Art Monthly, Issue n.321, November 2008

Andy Murray 
KISSS… your privacy goodbye 
Metro, Monday, October 13, 2008

[featured project: KISSS]


paula roush
Download fever: photography, subcultures and
online-offline counter-archival strategies.
Photographies Journal, Vol. 2
Photography and Education Special Issue and Symposium Issue.
Eds. Andrew Dewdney and Martin Lister. Taylor & Francis.  2009
Editorial statement

Darren Newbury 
Image, Theory, Practice: Reflections on the Past,
Present and
Future of Photographic Education 
Photographies Journal, 2:2, 117-124, 2009

Holly Crawford
Art Engaging Gangs : Erik Bergrin, Mark Dillon, Jasmine Johnson,  Nadin Ospina, Joseph Rodriguez, Maayke Schurer, Robert Taub, Zefrey Throwell and paula roush’s archive of photographic collections by Rachel Johnson, Tim Body, Robbie Sweeny, Lee Slaymaker, MJ Gumayagay, Richard Harris, Christopher Kamper, Richard Johnson, Natalie Cheung, Karel Polt, Dana Mendonca,
Charlotte Miceli and Rich Harley.
AC Institute New York, 2013

Jonathan Shaw
Photobook Pop-Up
in Self-Publishing and Photobook
ACI/  LSBU External examiner

[featured project: PHOTOGRAPHY,

paula roush & Ruth Brown
Publishing with friends: exploring social networks
to support photo publishing practices
in Niki Lambropoulos (ed)
Educational Social Software for Context-Aware Learning:
Collaborative Methods & Human Interaction
IGI Global 2009

paula roush & Ruth Brown 
Publishing with friends: social publishing networks and learners as produsers
Educational Social Software for Context-Aware Learning:
Collaborative Methods & Human Interaction, 2009

paula roush & Ruth Brown
Publishing with friends:  exploring social networks
to support photo publishing practices
in Dasgupta, Subhasish (ed)
Social Computing: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications:
Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications
Idea Group Inc (IGI) 2009

paula roush & Ruth Brown 
Social Networking and Authentic Engagement: Students as “Produsers.” 
Learning & Teaching e-Journal, 1 (1) 2009


This is very much the territory of paula roush's ethnographic exploration, whose account starts with the historical archive of Anita Corbin's girls' subcultures documentation in 1981 and travels forward to document contemporary youth subcultures in real life, in online communities and in Second Life. roush's visual essay illustrates her students' engagement with the subcultural subject, and in her accompanying paper she gives an account of the teaching rationale and method of what she calls a/r/tography, the relational aesthetic of the artist, teacher and research:

My own identities as artist/researcher and teacher (a/r/t) are all allowed to be present simultaneously and I encourage the younger student-researchers I work with to think and act along the same lines. Moreover, “the acts of inquiry and the three identities resist modernist categorizations and instead exist as post-structural conceptualizations of practice”.

In relation to photography as a discipline (...) paula roush takes the view that theories which acknowledge hybridity prove more fruitful ground for the constitution of relational practices based upon art, teaching and research.


What I believe makes this module like some others stand out from their counterparts within other similar institutes is it’s ability to take that much necessary additional step which deals with the realisation of what happens once a product has been made. It is here that there is clear evidence of something special.
The collectively curated and themed programme and the pop up shop is an excellent example of providing alternative first hand potentially transformative models for entrepreneurship and engagement for investment. The production values of the books and zines demonstrated a sophistication and detailed engagement with the craft.
Jonathan Shaw, on the Photobook Pop-Up

Zeigam Azizov
When Phd Becomes an Art Work…
msdm stenciled papers,
published for the exhibition Perfectly Placed
South London Gallery

Camelia Gupta
Artists’ work is perfectly placed
24 hour museum, Aug 2004

Paul Rhys
Perfectly Placed To Enjoy The Art of The People
ICNetwork Aug 27 2004

Jessica Lack
Perfectly Placed: Preview
The Guardian, August 7 2004

Sheila McGregor
New art on view: celebrating the success of the
contemporary art society’s special collection scheme.
Scala Publishers, 2006

[featured project: Perfectly Placed/ PhD as art work] 



Brian Holmes
Le mode de diffusion
PARACHUTE No.98 (Avril, Mai et Juin) 2000

Jennifer Burnham
Women With Attitude
SMART Magazine Issue 3, London 2000

Liz Farrelly
Peckham Calling
Blueprint Magazine July/ August 2000

The Public Art of Campaigning 
Variant Magazine Issue 10, Spring 2000
Supplement: The Non Place Urban Realm

[featured project: THE PUBLIC ART OF CAMPAIGNING] 


Eva Schmidt
City Stripping
GAK: Gesellschaft fur Aktuelle Kunst, Bremen 2001

Britta Schatz
City Stripping
Die Tageszeitung, 2001

Regina Bittner
Places Out of Images
Urban Detours, Bauhaus Foundation Dessau

Kai Vockler
Time and Space in Megalopolis
The City Gallery, Prague 2001


"Stripping" means: clearing away layers, surfaces; "Stripping" means: the structure open. With the striptease the coverings are artfully removed, so that the view of the desired object can happen. In the case of this exhibition in the GAK the desired object is the city.
paula roush (London) transfers with "Frankfurtress Ghetto Blast " critical urban theory into the aesthetics of a computer game. Illustrated by the example of Frankfurt/Main,as a global player in ' the international financial world, modifications of urban geography, likewise segmenting the urban spaces into central, global interlaced and marginalised areas, and the space of flows ' of the international transactions clashing a conflict on the spatial needs of the local inhabitants, which is not to be resolved.
Eva Schmidt, 'City Stripping'

Three artists show at Gesellschaft fur Aktuelle Kunst (GAK), in an exhibition exposing the myths underlying the modern city. The ideology of the modern city followed human social development and the ideological position that it should accommodate all their inhabitants equivalently. In the exhibition City Stripping, at GAK, three artists explore different aspects of today's development of this vision.

paula roush brings up for discussion the geographical modifications of a cityscape by the example of Frankfurt as a global player in the international financial world. The computer game "Frankfurtress Ghetto Blast" symbolises the city's individual quarters and their inhabitants, and points out the meaning of their geographical position. The quarters get points assigned: the Citadel, the economic focal point of the city, receives 1000 points, while the Ghetto is pushed completely to the edge and is evaluated with only 400 points. By mouse-click, the photographic surfaces of Frankfurt's city centre are symbolically rearranged in its appearance. The video game is the starting point for an installation of paula roush, which extends a series of images into the space outside the GAK.
The work of the three artists is a small " but exemplary showcase of contemporary artistic practices dealing with the analysis and development of the city" argues Eva Schmidt

Britta Schatz, City Stripping


Zeigam Azizov
Brand Ranking: Working in Between Consciousness and Conformity
Out/sourcing, msdm publications 2003

Melanie Keen
Out/sourcing, msdm publications 2003

paula roush,
London: msdm publications with inIVA 2003

paula roush
msdm: Outsourcing.
Artofficial Construction Media (ACM),
ContextinArt 1, 2003

[featured project: OUT/SOURCING] 


Sarah Carrington and Sophie Hope 
A Revolt at the Door 
B&B (Ed.): Art of Survival London

Artists Travel to Prague
Poster publication 2003

Sarah Carrington and Sophie Hope
The Art of Survival: paula roush
in Conversation with Ella Gibbs,
Alasdair Hopwood, Barry Sykes and Sean Parfitt
Giancarlo Politi (Ed.): Prague

Biennale1 Peripheries Become the Center
 Flash Art, Milan, pp 506-514, 2003

Antje Mayer 
Discount-Biennale. Kunst & Kultur July 2003

Becky Shaw 
The Pernicious Nature of Opposition Chic 
The Static Pamphlet, Issue 03. 2004

Louis Armand 
Prague Biennale Artmargins 2003

paula roush 
Between Peripheries and Shopping Centres
Art of Survival- London Artists Travel to Prague
Poster-Publication for the Czech Centre, London 2003

[featured project: B+B BOYCOTT BIENNALE] 




paula roush 
Can people love things and things pay people’s rent?  
Catalogue ‘I love you, Oh you pay my rent”
Paulo Romao Bras & Sandro Resende Photography and Drawing,
Sao Bento Art Gallery, Lisbon, 2008

msdm give(a)way 
EVA International 2006
Ireland’s Biennial of Contemporary Art

paula roush
Francis Alÿs: The Clandestine Way.
Dardo Magazine n.4 Feb-May, 138-155, 2007

Pryle Behrman
2007 Ad
Art Monthly, July-August 2007

Zeigam Azizov 
POSTSCRIPT (Part One): Portuguese live art
in the age of scripted reality November 2004

Lucia Marques 
A Experiencia da Cidade – Londres – 4 Perfis 
Storm magazine
May-June 2004

Jonah Brucker-Cohen, J. 
Report from RAM2: A Joker
in the Global Bunker Workshop 
NOEMA Tecnologie e Societa, 2003

Jan Inge Reilstad 
From The White Cube to The Black Box
to The Personal Computer and out
in The Grey Wide Open –
or How to Reapproach New Media.
An Essay on the Postdigital Artscene., 2003

Kandl, J., 
Kampfer fur’s Gluck
Kunstverein Ulm 2003

Celso Martins 
Balanco de Actividades Ar.Co –
25 anos a reinventar joalharia 
Expresso April 3 2003

Axel Vogelsang 
The Art Audience as User 
Central SaintMartins College
(PHD Research, Arts & Design)
November 2003

paula roush 
Promises Postcard Project
for Video with same title
by Consol Rodriguez,
London Print Studios 2003