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Miguel Marecos, Liquid Experience 3, 2'39"

Workshop and publication exploring water as a photographic theme and medium
COLLAB: msdm + Francisco Varela ACI London / FBAUP Porto

Research project on photographic archives, photobook publishing and water.
The central question of this research is how a multi-modal material such as water becomes a theme and medium in art publishing.
There have been artists throughout the centuries who used aquatic themes in their artwork as metaphors for being and consciousness.
Additionally, from early 20th century, artists have published “fluid” books as experiments on the openness of editorial processes and active acts of reading.
However, in recent years an increasing number of artists and photographers have begun to integrate water as a topic and materiality in their artistic research, exhibitions and publishing projects.
Surprisingly, there is a lack of research on what is for me a felt sense of synchronicity,
of concern for water as both visual and material presence in bookworks.




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