msdm a nomadic house-studio-gallery for photographic art and curatorial research, an expanded practice of the artist's book, photobook publishing and peer-to-peer collaboration created by contemporary artist paula roush

~REFLECTIONS~  a collection of texts by artists, curators and writers on msdm and paula roush, including critical theory, interviews and exhibitions reviews. 


Library of Artistic print on demand
Annette Gilbert and Andreas Bulloff
reflect on paula roush use of print on demand
in the classroom [here]
and in her practice [see here


"Photobook: Work Week Workshop" Ane Bonde Rolsted in conversation with Beate Cegielska and paula roush
"Artists' Books as Meeting Places," Joana Nascimento on her collaboration with msdm, JORNAL issue 1
"A moment of independent publishing" Amanda Ribeiro reflects on 'Hypnotic Highway'
"Activating the Archive," Alejandro Acin & Isaac Blease reflect on 'sex’n’database: a corporeal taxonomy'
"A Obra 'Faça-você-mesmo' "Margarida Carvalho on cctvecstasy project
"Art Nomadism" Martina Poiana in conversation with paula roush
Rael Artel, "Artists in Fieldwork: Anu Vahtra, Jaanus Samma, paula roush, Pilvi Takala." Peateema Magazine
"Paradigm Store at Howick Place" 3rd Dimension Sculpture Magazine reflects on "Participatory Architectures'
Doreen Mende: "Radio as Exhibition Space"
"Beyond Sound Art: Ear Appeal exhibition at Kunsthalle Exnergasse" Axel Stockburger on the Protest Academy
"Ph.D. as an art work" by Zeigam Azizov
"To leave is a bit like dying." Maria Claudia Bada on 'Nothing to Undo'
"El Libro en Abismo," Maria Jose Prada Rodriguez reflects on nothing to undo
Meg Beaumont reviews 'Nothing to Undo' for Kaleid Sunday Readings
"Excavation Thrill" Tanja Verlak in conversation with paula roush
"Fatal women and others as such. A visit to the surrealist museum through collage"Luisa Soares Oliveira on Queer paper gardens
REFLECTIONS-Joao Pinharanda Queer paper gardens
"a journal of one’s own, a text dedicated to mary, margaret,valentine, alice, paula, maria and all the other women," Cristina Duarte reflections on 'Queer Paper Gardens'
"When writing and visual arts meet, magic can happen." Wayne Burrows on 'Queer Paper Gardens'
Dear Aby Warburg, what can be done with images? Museum für Gegenwartskunst Siegen, Eva Schmidt on the Found Photo Foundation
"Space for thinking between the images: on the genesis of the 'photographic collection' as an artistic genre." Ludwig Seyfarth on 'Found Photo Foundation'
"An attempt at exhausting an archive / Found Photo Foundation" by Tanja Verlak
REFLECTIONS- Christina Natlacen reflects on the exhibition  Dear Aby Warburg
REFLECTIONS- Noemi Smolik reflects on the exhibition  Dear Aby Warburg
Eva Schmidt and Ines Ruttinger. Dear Aby Warburg: What can be done with images? Dealing with Photographic Material. Museum für Gegenwartskunst Siegen + Kehrer Verlag, Heidelberg
"A Week of Kindness," Rob Garrett on 'A Field (of Interconnected Realities)'
"KISSS revealed: Deej Fabyc, paula roush and Camilla Brueton," by Katy Deepwell 
"Contemporary Post-Studio Art Practice and its Institutional Currency, Investigative study with interviews with five U.K based artists, Louise Ashcroft, Claire Blundell Jones, Helene Kazan, Danny Pockets and paula roush" by Steve Smith
"Art in Security and Security in Art," Sara Raza on Bowville
"The crisis of interpretation," Hattie Spires on Bowville
"Watching Europe and Beyond: Surveillance Art and Photography in the New Millenium," Reflections on 'Bowville' by Louise Wolthers
"The Spychip Under Your Skin" Armin Medosch reflects on 'Arphield recordings'
"New Brave World workshop at IMAL- RFID and Art," Regine Debatty on Arphield Recordings
"Hetero q.b.?" Sofia Roque reflects on Hetero q.b.for Esquerda, Opinião
"Found Photo Foundation at the Arab Image Foundation," Notes by Hala Tawil
REFLECTIONS- Evripidou & Jacqui McIntosh Found Photo Foundation
"Reviving Al-Yom newspaper archives," Marwan El Tibi reflects on the exhibition 'Torn, Folded, Curled'
" Xistorias: Performance digital nas aldeias do Xisto," O Varzeense
"A Book, an Endless Love Affair," Jan Baetens on "Bus Spotting + A Story -Jan Baetens reflects on  Bus Spotting + A Story 
"Collage and Collision," Celso Martins on  Queer Paper Gardens
"Go on! Have another one! " Joanna Callaghan on SOS: OK Emergency Biscuit
"Taking the Biscuit," Will Pavia on SOS: OK Emergency Biscuit for the Southwark Weekender
"Bermondsey takes the biscuit. Former Peek Freen employees back community project."Annie Kelly on SOS: OK Emergency Biscuit, The Guardian/ Society
"Public Services," Tadej Pogacar on 'SOS: OK Emergency Biscuit' as public service
"Memory Factory: a social economic experiment in public history, memory and intellectual property rights, " by Zeigam Azizov
"De/Territorialized Practices," Oreet Ashery reflects on The Public Art of Campaigning- Oreet Ashery reflects on The Public Art of Campaigning
"Locative Media Gallery," Suhjung Hur, Annie On Ni Wan, Andrew Paterson on Bowville for Leonardo Electronic Almanac
"City Stripping" at GAK: Gesellschaft fur Aktuelle Kunst, "Eva Schmidt reflects on Frankfurtress Ghetto Blast
"City Stripping" at the GAK," Britta Schatz reflects on Frankfurtress Ghetto Blast Britta Schatz reflects on Frankfurtress Ghetto Blast for Die Tageszeitung




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